Project Library


Im trying to use this tutorial but im not sure if its exactly what I want.

I will resume my needs, and if you can, plz comment.

I Want to add on Visual Studio a library that generates a .dll or .lib (not sure what is on C++).
Inside that โ€œlibraryโ€ I want develop custom Nodes for BluePrints.
However this library must have access to UE4 code, (not sure if a need a entere source code or just extends the classes as reference).

The objective of all this, if have a DLL/LIB easily editable without reload entire editor on each edit.

Its possible? OR this will only work with โ€œStaticโ€ code, like helpers or maths?

I think what you what to make is plug-in :slight_smile:

Thru it still needs restarts

No. Its no a plugin. But i solved just making everything in BP.