Project Leviathan- Recruiting for all positions.

Project Title: Leviathan(Code Name)

Project Leviathan is a semi ambitious yet reasonably achievable 3rd person dark fantasy multiplayer RPG. In Leviathan you play as a trainee of either the Infernal(Demonic) Army or the Ethereal(Angelic) Army. Leviathan is a loot based game designed for parties of up to 6 players. Loot will be procedural generated offering unique and varied options, as well as driving continued play by questing for more Legendary and Epic loot. Throughout the game players will be able to explore maps with up to 36 more players, completing quests and discovering the world and its secrets. Players will have choices of PVE or PVP for their worlds. Each world is accessed through a hub similar to that of Demon Souls. The other core feature of the game will be its difficulty, harsh but fair. It is not based on giving bosses and enemies an absorbent amount of health. Combat is visceral and skill based. Effecting blocking, dodging, and the support of a party are key to survival. More will be revealed pending NDA signage.

Work To Be Completed.:
Currently I wish to create a quick demo. Im looking for talent to help create the central hub world, and a very small instanced dungeon for players to get a taste of what the game is about. Players will get a choice of either playing as a melee class character or the mage class. The dungeon demo should allow for a good 1-2 hours of game play and showcase loot drops and the questing structure. The demo is single player only and intended to drive interest in the game to seek funding. I would like to have the demo fleshed out and ready within 6 months, although with a strong team and dedicated members we may be able to cut that down, however having a polished and well executed demo is more important than rushing something janky out the door.

Payment Structure:
All team members will be paid out of royalties from the game based upon position and amount of work completed. The NDA will have full payout structures for each position as well as bonuses for those who go above and beyond. If funding is secured all current members will be paid at the release of those funds to secure continued development.

Current Team:

Stephen Chatman Gameplay Designer and writer.
I have been writing for about 4 years now, mainly fiction on all genres. I have a completed story as well as 25 quests already done. Any team members are welcome to assist in quest design and game play design as well. Currently I am in the process of getting a website up and running and once completed I would love to showcase the games development.

Talent Needed:
Currently hiring for all positions and all skill levels. The only request is that copies of previous work must be sent along with email. High priority positions are the following.

Character Artist: Modeling and Animators
Concept Artist: Environment, Character, Weapons and Armor.
Level Designer: To work closely with me to create engaging and varied set pieces for the game.
Programmers: All skill levels welcome.
Sound Artist: Various sound effects and music for the game. Once again all skill levels welcome.
Operations Lead: I need 1 person to help with managing the team and development. This is the only position where I require at least 1 year of supervisory experience and will need an actual resume and references.

Contact: Please send all inquiries to in the subject line state the position you are applying for and attach any and all necessary files that you wish for consideration. If there is any questions or concerns that do not pertain to applying for a position. Please send me a PM as I would prefer the focal point of the post to be about recruitment.

If you have additional questions or skills you’d like to bring to the team please contact me as well. Thanks everyone.

What happened to youre other project you started at the begin of october…

…did you find no people for it?