Project Elementus - Custom TPS Template w/ Extra Features

Some updates from the last few days!

I was adjusting some things like spawn and targeting tasks and refactored some other existing classes.

I also:

  1. Adjusted the entire scenario to match existing abilities behaviors and added two animations (for telekinesis and default attack abilities)!
  2. Added my custom ADM FidelityFX Super Resolution plugin: AMD FSR 1.0 for Unreal Engine 5 - (AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution)
  3. Added Console Variables Editor plugin and combined with AMD FSR - There’s a preset which activates FSR in Quality mode.
  4. Updated my custom Modular Features Extra Actions plugin: [FREE] ModularFeatures_ExtraActions plugin - Modular GAS, Enhanced Input and more

Some videos (Lumen disabled - My PC doesn’t handle this feature well):

Some screenshots (Lumen disabled - My PC doesn’t handle this feature well):

Github: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

The best thing I got from the experiments :rofl::rofl:

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Project adapted to UE5 released version with the new characters and other features! :partying_face:


I’m balancing time focusing on my work and finishing my degree, but I’ll start working on the next steps:

  1. Add new animations (maybe some anims from Lyra)
  2. Add new meshes to work on new classes (Pickup, et cetera)
  3. Adjust swinging ability physics
  4. Adjust existing abilities and effects and add new examples to explore GAS capabilities
  5. Adjust example actors and scene design
  6. Adjust existing and add new Niagara VFX
  7. Add some sounds using MetaSounds system
  8. Finish existing unfinished classes
  9. Add AI pawns and integrate them with GAS
    *. […]
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Some updates:

  1. Adjustments on existing and add new comments
  2. Adjustments on functions categories
  3. Added a Ability System Global Data initalization
  4. Removed unnecessary targeting task and started using the default GAS targeting task
  5. Updated GE application in all classes to allow using SetByCaller with a custom struct
  6. Added a “Remove Ability” example
  7. Changed default attack ability to melee from ranged
  8. Added basic animations to Attack, Swinging and Telekinesis abilities
  9. Added a “random section” logic to ActivateWaitMontage Task, allowing the task to perform a random section from specified Animation Montage
  10. Added two new booleans: bIgnoreCost and bIgnoreCooldown, allowing user to avoid cost and cooldown applications
  11. Made some adjustments to swinging “physics”, changing from Launch/AddImpulse to AddForce
  12. Adjust targeting to work on client before sending data to server
  13. Removed unnecessary RPCs
  14. Removed FSR plugin from project folder (Download and install on engine folder: Release AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 - UE5 Adapted ver. · lucoiso/fsr-amd-ue (
  15. Removed Modular Features Extra Actions plugin from project folder (Download from Marketplace: Modular Game Features - Extra Actions in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (
  16. Made adjustments to logging
  17. Fixed some other issues […]

If you’re using this template, check the dependencies: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

And yeah, i know… This scene deserves a better design lol

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When I try to download by clicking Code → Download Zip or I try to clone the repository without Git LFS, the assets are corrupted in the process.

So, I generated a packed release with instructions: Release Project Elementus: V0.1a · lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

Released a new version with some adjustments and new features! :partying_face:

Release Project Elementus: v0.2a · lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

Note that this project is a Work In Progress.


  1. Separate attributes into 3 attributes
  2. Add custom management classes: AbilitySystemGlobals, AssetManager and GameInstance
  3. Rename a lot of classes to match project naming and add CoreRedirects
  4. Add new interface, ability, task and example for a new feature: Interactables
  5. Create more blueprints and add more objects to scene
  6. Move Attributes delegations from PlayerState to inside attributes classes
  7. Create more MetaData for attributes
  8. Update Modular Plugins: GitHub - lucoiso/UEModularFeatures_ExtraActions: This plugin integrates GAS and Enhanced Input to the existing Game Features and Modular plugins from Unreal Engine.
  9. Set Ability System to fully modular via Modular Plugins
  10. […]

Full Changelog: v0.1…v0.2a

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Update topic title and description:

Project Elementus - Custom TPS Template w/ Extra Features

Project Elementus is a third person template that can be used to start projects that will use some new features that come with Unreal Engine 5 as well as powerful existing features like the Gameplay Ability System and others!

Some features:

  1. Gameplay Ability System;
  2. Modular Game Features plugins;
  3. One File per Actor;
  4. World Partition;
  5. Enhanced Input;
  6. Networking/Replication/Multiplayer;
  7. Custom plugins;
  8. Etc.

Both C/C++ (a lot) and Blueprints!

My intention with this development is to help other developers in their projects by providing a starting point with already implemented functionalities. :heart:

I will be posting updates frequently on this forum thread. Please give some feedback and feel invited to test the project and help me with this work. : )


  1. GitHub: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (
  2. ModularFeatures_ExtraActions Plugin: [FREE] ModularFeatures_ExtraActions
  3. A bonus plugin that aren’t in this template: [FREE] AzureSpeech plugin: Text-to-Voice and Voice-to-Text
  4. AMD FSR Adapted Plugin: AMD FSR 1.0 for Unreal Engine 5 - (AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution)
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i have built the latest source from github for UE5 with vs 2019

but when i launch the project i have this error

any idea on what’s going on please

thanks .

btw : i am mainly interested in the modular game features plugin integration

Hello @issam1975 ! : )

This is strange. Did you download as Zip from this panel?

Because for some reason, when downloading with this, some assets are invalidated and do not load. Maybe this is related to Git LFS too.

Same when cloning repository without Git LFS installed.

If this is the reason, download the project here: Releases
Or download Git LFS before cloning the repository: Git Large File Storage

If this is not the reason for the problem, please let me know and I will try to find out what is causing it.

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Indeed , i have tried the zip and the clonned version , also many assets are corrupted , for exemple the default Map is not there !

Anyway thanks for the suggestion , i will try the release version and see if it helps .

Peace .

Released a new version with adjustments, corrections, optimizations and new features! :partying_face:

Download it: Release Project Elementus: v0.3.0a · lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (


Focusing on optimizations, I disabled lumen and TSR.
This project is now using:

  • None as GI;
  • Screen Space as GR;
  • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 as Upscaling service.

New examples:

Dynamic input binding:



Some screenshots:

New Intro

Character and scene

Replicated ragdoll on death

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Finally trying Epic Online Services, this feature is literally epic! :exploding_head:

Currently working on development branch

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This is me testing EOS voice chat. :rofl:

And it works perfectly!

I’m exploring this amazing framework and slowly integrating it into this branch: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus at development (


The next update will have some EOS features implemented. :eyes:

I’m currently trying to create and expose some helper functions to blueprint while integrating this framework into the project.

And will start working on anchievements soon. xD

Development branch: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus at development (

Some progress while working with EOS Achievements! :sunglasses:

Development branch: lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus at development (

To be more transparent with the progress and upcoming features, I added a project page on GitHub: Project Elementus ( :hugs:

Table view

Boards view

Launched a new version with EOS basic integration, adjustments and optimizations:
Release Project Elementus: v0.4.0a · lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

Now you can support me and my projects via GitHub sponsor! : )


Link: Sponsor @lucoiso on GitHub Sponsors :heart:


this is truely awesome <3

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Released a new version with the last EOS SDK update. :partying_face:

Project Elementus: v0.4.1a:


  1. Update EOS SDK to ver. 1.15;
  2. Adds more comments;
  3. Adjust some verifications to avoid unnecessary calls;
  4. Set some params as references;
  5. Set attach/detach behavior from Cues to only be called if has authority;
  6. Set ensures to always be called;
  7. Adjust some replications to avoid unnecessary network consumption;
  8. Add pragma regions instead comments to determine a code region;
  9. Reduce some if statements with a return verification;
  10. Set dash ability direction to ignore Z axis;
  11. Et cetera.

Release Project Elementus: v0.4.1a · lucoiso/UEProject_Elementus (

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Very nice template you have there. Thank you for posting it. I found it on GitHub by accident and it works great. It took a few to get the hang of your grappling hook idea.

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