Project compiles fine but I get a ton of Intellisense Errors in VS2013 - normal?

How big of a deal is it that Intellisense throws out errors when I compile? I can’t seem to even add an empty class to the project without it giving a bunch of errors. They have no bearing on my ability to compile and run the project… it it normal for it to throw a ton of errors?

I also notice that there’s very little ryme or reason to when the errors show up. Sometimes the same code generates 23 errors, sometimes 100. Sometimes none. It seems worse than useless.

Yes UE seem to keep Visual Studio spining.
Have a look here Visual Studio 2013 Intellisense is REALLY slow - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums
Got some great tips on bettering it.

So basically, it’s still parsing through all the files in the background so the errors are all out of date/based on incomplete data and the like?

How the heck am I supposed to debug? Is there another IDE that will work with UE4 on the windows platform?

There is QT Creator, which should have a faster “Intellisense”, but i can’t guarantee anything as i didn’t try it.

You can Debug the project by selecting DebugGame Editor Build options.
Also if you don`t mind spending some party money.

Take a look at Download Visual Assist - Whole Tomato Software
Some of the errors will stile be there, but this is a new world with this extention.

Jetbrain’s has an early EAP build of Resharper that supports C++.

AS you may know Resharper is the top-selling Visual Studio plugin and used by developers world-wide.

I haven’t tried Resharper with C++ yet but it may be worth a try.

For anyone reading this here’s a link that might help

Epic’s official setup guide for VS to work with intellisense