Problems with UE4

I don’t know if this is the right section, but my computer had some problems after I shut it down after using Unreal Engine 4. I believe it was a GPU issue, since my monitors wouldn’t turn on. I tried to use a working monitor, but it didn’t work. I got a new PC since I had spent a ton on repairs for this one. I downloaded UE4 on that one, and it got a blue screen whenever I turned it on. It said SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (nvlddmkm.sys). I could not find a solution. I’m scared to download UE4 on this computer in case it breaks it. Any idea what the problem is?

It shouldn’t break you computer. Also, I don’t think that is a UE4 error… That is the very same file that a virus was in on my bro’s computer.
Or your Gpu was so old that is killed itself. The latter being the most likely.

Just make sure you are downloading UE4 from the Epic games launcher. No where else. (Unless you build the source from Github.)
I mention this because some guy at school had a similar problem. And went on a tyrade about how UE4 sucked. But he failed to originally mention that he torrented it. There is no torrent.
Or any other download for that matter. (I hope I did not go on forever about that… But you never know…)

Hi DeadlyCakes,

94 is right that if your computer is getting a BSOD or the editor is shutting down due to an error with the computer this isn’t necessarily a problem directly related to Unreal Engine 4.

Like UE4’s Crash Reporter that helps determine where the crash is happening Windows has a similar feature as well called Windows Event Viewer. This program can help determine where things are going wrong in Windows that caused the computer to BSOD or a program to shutdown.

Not long ago I setup a simple guide that you can use to get the logs for the crash. These logs will give you an error code that you can cross reference with Windows errors to see what may be causing the problem, or you can post a question on AnswerHub in the Bug Reports section with these logs, your DxDiag, and any additional information that may be helpful.

I did a quick search in regards to the error message you posted. Some of the posts suggested GPU drivers to be the cause. Make sure that you’re on the latest drivers.

I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions please let us know. :slight_smile:

I am trying to run the UE4 launcher but it keeps saying PLEASE WAIT!!!

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I am trying to run the UE4 launcher but it keeps saying PLEASE WAIT!!!

Hi miki smiley,

It would be best to post this to the answerhub in the Installation and Setup section, we can assist you more in depth there.