Problem with Imported camera from 3Ds max

I am having this issue for a few days and i can`t seem to find the answer.

Ill try to explain it on its best way. I have a 3Ds Max model and Boujou scene. First, i exported my 3Ds max model into UE4 through datasmith, and did the materials, lighting part. After that, i was working on my movie scene in Boujou where i created the camera and exported it in my 3Ds max model. I opened my 3Ds max model, positioned the camera the way i wanted to be and exported only the camera into my UE4 model from before. Now, when i Add Level Sequence and import the camera from 3Ds Max, the camera is not on the position it should be and i am getting the " the object bound to this track is missing" error. This error is gone when i switch to Possessable but i cant “assign actor” because i cant find the imported camera. Anyhow, during the rendering the camera is stucked in one place, not moving. Tried to record with .jpg but since the camera is not moving, only one frame is rendering. You can see the images for a better clue of what am i talking about.

Also you can see the error i get.

You can try and create a new camera and assign it to the track. You’ll also need to either rebind the camera cut track to this camera, or just delete the camera cut track and create a new one.

Hello Max and thanks for the fast reply. The problem is i have to use this camera from Boujou, cause it is tracking the movement of an actor. Also i am new to this so if you can explain how to rebind the camera cut or delete it and how to creat new one, would be nice.

Does it look like the transform keys are valid? If the only problem is that the camera track is red, you can just create a new cine camera and assign the camera track in red to the new cine camera. Right click on the red camera track and choose assign actor.

After that, delete the camera cut track that you have and then just create a new one and click on the +camera button and choose the one that you have made a track for.