Problem with gizmo when importing objects from 3ds max

gizmo “moves down” a few meters from the object. how to put gizmo back in the center of the object?

You will have to do it in your 3d program -> the pivot point is always at 0,0,0. So you will have to place your mesh to this point (there will be the pivot) :slight_smile:

The pivot point will be at the 0,0,0 position of the scene rather than the pivot point of the object. Before you export, move your object to 0,0,0

thanks a lot guys it works well!

If I collapse all objects to 0,0,0 how can I reassemble precisely my model in UE4?

one more question :slight_smile:
how to manipulate a gizmo in UE4? gizmo only, no object.

You want to move it to another position? Left mouse button pressed on the pivot point (little white ball) - then drag it to the position you like -> but it’s just temporarly there :slight_smile:

I did as you described but object got moved with gizmo. i need to move gizmo only(the object must remain in place) in another words i need to move pivot point only )

Oh sorry, you have to use the middle mouse button (not the left one) :o

lol it so easy!:smiley:
thank you very much! UE community are best!:slight_smile:

useless because the root pivot stays always on 0,0,0. If we want to apply a rotation animation the object will rotate around the absolute (world) pivot.
It’s incredible that UE4 can’t handle relative and world pivots.
Also no dummies or axes helpers…
In the case we want to use a tiny box primitive (as extreme attempt) and parent it to one object we haven’t any tools to align both.
No aligning tools for so powerful software? That’s incredible.