Problem of mathematical logic

Ok, I get it. Insects taking food from plants. How many insects? Just one, the player?

At first only the player.

Hello Evil Cleric, all;

I took your code back and realized that I had made a transcription error which caused an error, I did not notice it until this morning when I took it again … :o
I still made two small changes:

I don’t know if it says dear to you, but in France we say “why make it simple when you can make it complicated” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your help I will be inspired by it for the future

thank you very much. You helped me a lot, because I could have big problems if I dealt with these formulas on my own. In general, in my studies I am guided by a rule that says that you need to delegate more in order to free up time for things you like. For example, I turn to the company which helps me in writing various kinds of academic written works.

I am happy to have been of service to you. :slight_smile: