Pointers for creating a large landscape

Hi everyone, I’ve been playing around with UE5 in the landscape section and I want to import a terrain with a size of 20km by 20km (400km2 [close enough is good enough]). I’m just trying to figure out the correct approach to doing this. I can render the heightmap at any resoultion from World Machine, I’m just not sure on the best settings to create the landscape at.

Should I use 4 landscale objects each with a map of size 8129x8129 or should I use 1 landscape object with 4 tiles (each tile 8129x8129)?

How many quads and componts should I have?

I’ve found various information online but have been left a little confused about a bigger landscape such as this. Any help or pointers would be great.


DemenzunMedia has made some good discoveries re settings and resolutions for large terrains - see this discussion here:

and also his video detailing World Partition - UE5 World Partition Part 1 Concepts - YouTube


Thankyou, I’ve been following his videos and have a grasp on it now.

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