Plugins Are Only Working For People in a Package Game if they have C++ Project

Have you tried the system we implemented for the 4.8 release?

I can’t quite figure out how to implement the new system that was added in 4.8

If you could point me in the right direction or give instructions here that would be extremely helpful! Thanks :smiley:

Enable a plugin in a content-only game, then try to package it. The editor should compile it for you.

Ok, we have done that and it still isn’t working. I have made a post on the Plugins help page asking help from them, but just in case it is an engine issue i’ll put the link to the post here too:

C++ binaries compatible is really headache. It is not so easy in C#.
Distribute binaries plugins will cause more problems.
I encounter many incompatible dll problems in my C++ career.

Will plugins work now in 4.9 with content only projects?

Any update on this? I have a project stuck in 4.8 because substance hasn’t released a version for 4.9 yet (at least its not on their site) I can package the project without any errors but when I go to run it I get this error message: ‘Substance’ failed to load because module ‘SubstanceCore’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.

The workflow you mentioned Ben doesn’t seem to work. I’m going to try the c++ project switch, but this is really inconvenient.

All you have to do is add an empty C++ class to the project using the Add C++ code button and C++ Plugins will compile without you ever touching any C++… Can’t be too hard.

Hi quality,

You should be able to grab the plugin from either the github account (make sure your github account is linked to your epic account) or the marketplace in Materials&FX. We are going to update our website to instruct new users to head to those two places, instead of providing .zip downloads.

wow, I just needed someone to say it just like that BrUnO XaVIeR. That did the trick. I was finding all sorts of old tutorials about moving plugin folders and renaming stuff. It was literally as easy as adding the C++ empty class. Many thanks.

Hmmm, so was this eventually fixed or not?

The current work around would be what @BrUnOXaVIeR said, for the future once clang is used on every platform and the engine get’s rid of the VS dependency (to be able to convert BPs to C++ when creating a packaged build) even a BP only project will be able to compile those plugins (even source plugins should be ok then).

I am very interested in packaging a project using the Opaque Multimedia Kinect4Unreal plugin. No way until now.

When will finally plugins work with content only projects? Maybe in 4.11?

Well, this trick of adding a C++ (Actor) class does not do the trick for me in 4.11 (Preview 7). Packaging a blueprint-only project with plugin doesn’t work either.

Me too, I’m using a VRPN Plugin to get tracking data. Works fine in Editor, but when game is build, the plugin doesn’t work anymore!
So… what’s the solution for that ? Install Visual Studio and build it there ?

Would be interested in this as well, what is the plan for 4.12 etc.? Any News?

My guess is you need to add the plugin via a C++ project, inside the file as outlined here under the Dependencies section

Well, i realize my comment is a bit redundant, also looking for a solution without resorting to using a C++ project. At least i would had wished to know this plugin speciality before investing so much time bothering with a standard project. Because it seems to be kind of a task to “switch”, so not entirely sure how much work this actually is. Maybe using C++ is better after all …

This issue with a failed packaging (first time i done this yesterday), seems to be related to VB 2013. However, recently UE begun supporting VB 2015, and it seems to be no issue to package my “blueprint” project with 4.11.2 and VaRest included.

Most annoying thing about this is, having to convert to a code project, you can no longer build to iOS without access to a mac…

Has there been any update on this? We’ve been through like 4 major releases of the engine and this still seems to be a major issue.