[Plugin] Web UI framework plugin (VaQuoleUI)

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: can’t get it to work right now somehow… tells me missing QT but it is installed

I didn’t get the instructions correctly but now I got it working. Still looking forward to any updates / some sample though!! thanks already for your work

It keeps crashing, probably because I don’t know exactly how to use Texture2D / Dynamic Material etc… i’m only using blueprint but can’t get it to work. so again +1 on waiting for an easy to uderstand example.

Thanks again!

It’s easy
For HUD:

For mesh:

in material

Thanks again for the screenshots / help. I manage to get a simple URL working and use the texture on some simple mesh. But the strange thing is it is only working if I use the ‘play’ button in the unreal editor. If I use ‘launch’ and start a stand alone run of my project the ‘url’ is not working / not shown and only the default texture that I specified at ( is shown.

Any hints?

When I do this, the editor crashes to desktop instantly, even when just compiling the blueprint… :confused:

Check that you set bHUD to false for this UI component.

Thanks alot for this super usefull project. I managed to get it to work within minutes :slight_smile: (thanks to ga2mer for the usefull screenshots). The only thing I dont fully understand is the js callback. I saw this in your example:


But i dont really know where the aQuoleWebView comes from :confused: and how i can grap the events in blueprint.

VaQuoleWebView is a Qt-written WebKit wrapper: VaQuoleUI/VaQuoleWebView.h at master · ufna/VaQuoleUI · GitHub .

Currently JS commands are checked in Tick event of UI component: VaQuoleUI/VaQuoleUIComponent.cpp at master · ufna/VaQuoleUI · GitHub . It calls simply console commands.

It’s good idea to move it into blueprints, I’ll make it in few days, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick responce :wink:


// Player input
// @TODO Make enum type blueprintable

this would be very nice :smiley:

Super excited about this plugin, can’t wait to mess around with it once 4.2 is supported

Edit: Actually it seems to work with the latest 4.2 preview build when built from source, yay! This is awesome <3

Which version of UE4 is supported? Mine is 4.1 and it says that plugin is incompatible with this version and needs to be recompiled.

Did that for me on the 4.2 preview build but I got it working by using the source, I’m sure it works the same way with 4.1.

Binaries are pre-built with installed engine version 4.1.1. If you’re using UE4 built from sources, you have to re-compile plugin from sources too. I don’t why it works that way, but (

Hey ufna, the plugin doesn’t seem to be getting packaged when you go to “Package Project” in the editor, or when you compile the “Shipping” build in VS. It works great when you are working in the editor though… Any tips on how to get the plugin to be included in the builds? I see you were asking something similar a while back -

Any help/pointers would be much appreciated!

You should add plugin name into PublicDependencyModuleNames :

Thank you!

For some reason the plugin does not appear in the Plugins window. I have put the files in the correct folder (also copied the qt folders to Engine) and recompiled several times.

EDIT: I’ve managed to install the plugin, but now I have the error The program can’t start because Qt5Core.dll is missing from your computer.

Question: do I need to have Qt installed, or is it going to work just with the two folders copied to the Engine folder as mentioned?

I have installed Qt afterwards, but it does not fix the issue.


Hey ufna, how do you use javascript to fire a blueprint function and maybe return something? I see you support it “Callback from JS scripts are processed by Exec functions” but I’m not sure how that works =/

You should put the DLL that included in plugin to the Engine’s Binaries folder. And it will work :slight_smile:

You can add your own exec function, that will fire blueprint event (or anything you want), and then use it in JavaScript. JS code just simply launch ConsoleCommand(“Your command here”); :slight_smile:

I plan to implement nice BP support, but a bit later (health issues :frowning: ).

Finally managed to start it.

Thanks, ufna and get well soon :slight_smile:

Hi ga2mer,

I would be really grateful if you can elaborate on this screenshots a bit.

For example:

Do I need to create a new BP for the HUD? And what are the other nodes that can’t be seen in the screenshot?
How do I get the texture in the material screenshot?

Many thanks.