[Plugin] Simplex Noise 1D,2D,3D,4D Fast Perlin Noise Version

Nevermind I normalized the Vector first and that dialed me into the correct scale, then I could further scale it as desired.

Hi DevDad, this looks perfect for what i need! except I can’t figure out how to add it to 4.12… My projects are Blueprint only, does that matter?

You can’t use plugins with a blueprint only project.

I need help to instal this plugin in UE4 4.12.5, someone help me?
Sorry my bad english.


I would like to make a procedural planet with caves and mountains

How would I do that

I have no experience in voxles or anything like that

Please could someone help thx

That is incorrect. If you’ve tried to use a plugin and it hasn’t worked out we can probably help you to get it going.

you still intend to bring examples of the project? Or explain how to use?

hey! could you provide better screenshots of the Blueprints?

This is super cool - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply… What did you mean by help? In a Blueprint only project?

I was replying to someone, check the quoted text.

Cool, Yeah he was replying to me. So what did you mean? That this plugin could in fact work in a blueprint only project? Because I have tried and tried and failed to get it working.

What have you tried so far? You should be able to build the plugin and install it to the engine plugins (or project plugins) folder, enable it in the plugin settings and just use it.

I get a popup that says: Missing or incompatible modules in SimplexNoise plugin - would you like to disable it? You will no longer be able to open any assets created using it.
I get nothing but errors from Blueprint only projects but a C++ project works fine.

As a side note, I managed to install The Victory plugin with no problems in a BP only project…

Thanks for helping

It has to be compiled for the version of the engine you’re using, so at a guess it’s that.

oh, is the Victory plugin pre-compiled then? Sorry, this has turned into such a noob mistake. How would I compile? I know nothing about C++

That’s a case of “if you have to ask it might not be something you want to do”. Lemme download the plugin and have a go for you (I never actually got around to it).

You’re the best

Thats amazing, I tried to create Perlin Noise in blueprints, but it worked pretty bad. I’m totaly going back to my project now :).

PS. I have some problems appling this plugin to version 4.13, it tells me to rebuild my project and after that i get error with message “try to rebuild project from source manually”. Any advice? I’m not very good with c++.

Hi guys after hours of troubleshooting I got it to work ! I made a project added a c++ file to the project, saved and quit then installed the plug in in the engine content plug in directory and tried rebuilding project manually and didn’t work so was about to give up again but I copied the simplex noise folder from the plug in source directory to source directory of the project itself and rebuilt and I have the nodes ������ hope I helped PS:This is my first post on the forums

I’m interested in trying this out in a blueprint only project. I get the aforementioned errors. Are there steps somewhere? Thanks :slight_smile: