Please make a quick mod to have Cement Paste Yield 3x instead of one!

U have to make new paste as well, new BP for paste, new engram and link it all together.

Can any dev have a look at it please? Now 4 people tried it and we are all failing! we need help :frowning:

In my Mod Storage+ is the recipe from Cement Paste changes to 3chitin/Keratin and 1 Stone.
But i need the newer version of the Dev Kit xD

I have Cement Paste re-done, and several other things, but now with the new Dev Kit everything will change again.

Honestly, there is no point going forward with any development until we get the new 186 Dev Kit.

Exactly what I am doing right now, watching a raptor eat kibble… wondering how many files am I going to have to fix so we can make the dino’s eat faster when unconscious… lol

I’m way past “fix”. It doesn’t make sense to un**** the original mod to the new way of doing it. I’ll spin up a whole new mod, and hopefully re-use most of the assets.

I don’t regret the last 48 hours. I learned a lot doing it the hard way in 185 lol.

You override it by not creating the mortar and pestle as a child, rather a duplicate so you have access to the things in components.

I am a total noob at this, but after reading this I wondered. What if your new paste didn’t need the mortar and pestle to make?

I may be a noob but I tried to make it so the recipe for the cement paste would yield 3 cement paste instead of 1. I seem to have accomplished this very easily. All I did was I went to the cement paste blueprint and changed the quantity from 1 to 3. Now every time I make a cement paste it would yield 3 instead of 1. It works in the ark play so… did i do it?

But i think the bigger problem here is that you want to make a mod to replace the original engram recipe instead of directly changing it right? In that regard I am useless in that I mainly just changed the blueprint directly rather than making a mod out of it. Hope you guys figure something out soon. XD

So you only changed the primial resource chitin paste to 3 instead of 1 and no other changes to any BP, Engrams, or PlayerController BPs?