Please let us change location of vault files & migrate engine between machines.

Some of the demo & learn projects are quite large. It would be really nice if we could please choose where they were on disk as well as be able to migrate the files from one location to another.

It common that I update the engine and files on one machine and then would like to do the same on another. If I could download both the engine and the demo content to an external drive it would be great if the launcher on another machine could a)access or import the demo content and b) use the external drive to copy the engine installation over.

Pretty please

Excellent idea.

Been using symbolic links for similar issues:

But an option in the launcher would be helpful

That’s beautiful! Thanks.
And thanks Mikand79

:smiley: sure thing. And thanks for finding it back, I couldnt find this page (didnt bookmark it) when I searched it yesterday. It needs some more keywords :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see how you can’t even install this to a secondary drive without doing things through Windows that most people don’t even know exists. Please for the love of god, let us change the primary drive of the install.
The existing solution also only works for existing installs as far as I can tell. I don’t have space on my C:\ Drive so now I have to free up space to install it just so I can move it to my projects drive instead of my OS drive that I keep separate from everything else for a reason (chief among them being that it’s a tiny SSD).
Super frustrating. Well time to delete stuff so I can download and install stuff so I can move stuff so I can redownload and reinstall stuff. Not everyone is running on a workstation dedicated to this kind of work with a single massive drive.