Please help!

i know this is probably the wrong thread but i really need help im trying to use a material for an object that was made in unreal engine 4.9 and use it in 4.5 i dont need the object i just need the material and all the textures i can get the textures fine but i need to get the material now i know i can export the material and get the .copy file this is what i need help with i have read that you can copy the info from the .copy txt file and paste it into the material editor i cannot figure out how to do this for the life of me i have ctrl + v all over the material editor and i cannot get it to paste anything or is there another way of going about this? is there a way to get the material to show up in 4.5 or anything and migrating or just copying the uasset file over to my 4.5 project wont work because the material is made in 4.9 can anyone shed some light on this and help me please if possible

I have moved your thread. Please also refrain from spamming threads on the forum as it could result in you getting an infraction. Thanks.

As for your post, have you tried to right-click on the material in the editor and then select Asset → Migrate … this will allow you to copy it to another project.

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