Player Stats Kit - Track the gameplay of your game and show it to the player!


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Hello everyone!

We’re happy to announce our 7th Unreal Engine Marketplace pack: Player Stats Kit!

Release on Itch.IO:
Release on Marketplace:

Do you want to track gameplay? Such as shots fired, distance walked, K/D ratio, accuracy percentage and much more? Look no further as we’ve got you covered!
The Player stats Kit features 6 different statistics: General Stat(560 Kills), Per minute stats(Healing per Min. = 578), Average stats(Average healing done: 897), Percentage stats(86% Accuracy), Ratio stats(1.2 K/D Ratio) and time stats(Gametime = 6h)

Feature list:

  • Track gameplay
  • General stats
  • Per Minute Stats
  • Average Stats
  • Percentage Stats
  • Ratio Stats
  • Total time stats
  • Reset stats
  • Different left and right ratio (1 = 0.5 alpha and 5 = 1.0 alpha)
  • Generate random stats
  • Store skill rating
  • Master color(Change all colors with a vector collection parameter)
  • Handy and modern UI!

Price: $18.99( - $19.99 (UE4 Marketplace)


Integration tutorial:
Setup stats and functions:

More information will be soon!

More Screenshots:

Looks great, looking forward to seeing the price and hopefully a tutorial on merging with notifications and achievepedia

Player Stats kit released on!

Grab it now at

Release trailer:

Player Stats Kit has been released on the Marketplace!

It’s come to our attention that there’s a bit of confusion whether or not this is session or non-session based.

The kit is designed with a non-session in mind, however this is easily adapted to session wise.

The kit has a node called “Reset Stats” which will nullify all stats you have, just call this after every session and you can use it per session/game.
Do you wish to use total(over all sessions combined) and seperate you’re going to need to Child the BPAC_PlayerStatsComponent and override the Load/Save function and just leave it empty. Then add that to your Player controller and rename it to Non-Session stats(or whatever you like).

The interface call to get the component will still only have one, but you can easily add another output pin that has the second Stats tracking component.

There will be a tutorial on this later.

If you’re wondering how you can add data to the tracking please open the BP_PlayerStatsExampleController in the Example map, all nodes you can use are laid out there.

Hey, information about “Native Steam integration” (due to multiple requests on the Marketplace Page):

  1. This package is a UI solution which you can integrate in any sort of subsystem
  2. UE4 allows you to modify Panda Studios package. You can add Steam support yourself (requires C++/Plugin for stats)
  3. SteamSubsystem is a plugin. Marketplace projects are not allowed to use plugins if they are bound to it
    3.1. BP Steam is limited to the SessionNodes
  4. Not everyone wants Steam. Some might use the PSN or Xbox one, or even have a singleplayer game
  5. You would need to modify the Steam implementation for your game anyway

More documentation added: Player Stats Kit - Stats setup and functions usage - Google Docs

Hey there, looks pretty nice.

Kinda curious how fast I could make it look unique. For example adding more stats displayed in a semicircle. Can I just drag&drop another one on the widget, give it a name and any kind of ID I can use to write to the system (or however you’re managing this :confused:) and it’s ready?

And that circle is filled linearly between 2 thresholds, isn’t it? I guess it wouldn’t need much work to let it just converging to empty/full circle with any kind of formula, would it?


The ratio circle widgets are drag and drop and then in the umg main itself set up a variable. If you enter the main UMG widget you’ll see it at the very end of the construct event. It is actually between 3 treshholds, one that defines start(which is 0), middle(can be 1,2,3,… whatever you like) and the end which can also be whatever you want.

Quote from our docs:

Like our pack? You can vote for it in the January community poll!

Do you have a set formula for calculating skill or can it be easily updated to use something like elo etc…

A fixed formula for Skill would not make sense. Every game wants/needs a different skill rating system based on their gameplay. You can easily get and set the value though.

Update for 4.15 has been processed.

Do you plan on including graph output in any future releases?

Graph output? In what sense? This pack is mainly designed to be not on a per-game basis but on a life-time basis and graphs would just mean increasing values over a graph without downs as it counts up, not down.

Its great that it is not per game basis and i understand about having a child for per game basis, however I was wondering if it could be used to track rank say over the last X amount of days see the image below attached. I have three of your other assets and am very happy with them however i was just hoping that this did graph outputs was all as ive noticed a competing product that does (Game stats Kit) and would have just preferred to run with yours.

**4.16 update
**Marketplace: Live Live

I believe i read that this could be duplicated and modified to work on a per game basis as well as global? If true graphs would be a nice addition to have on an overview screen for game length if you track on any of the following

• Per time frame: Track the rate of a value e.g. resource collection rate
• At time: Track a value at the time since begin e.g. resources, health
• At time cumulative: Track a value at the time since begin after adding it to the previous one e.g. total resources collected, kills, score
• Custom: Freely choose both, the x and y value. Especially useful in turn-/round-based games e.g. damage per round

If not I would be interested in talking over pricing around the extra work or modifications Im just trying to compare yours and a competitor against what best fits as a base I already own two or three of your other marketplace items so would just prefer to stick with what i know as I have been extremely impressed with the other packages i have purchased

Player Stats Kit is on sale for 40% off on the summer sale!

multiplayer support?