Planning a 2D mmorpg

I’m planning to build a side scrolling 2D mmorpg for the iOS. My computer is a hp with 6gb memory and i7 2.4 ghz processor and intel 5500 graphic gard. Are these spec good enough to run the 2D portion of the UE4 engine? I’m a college student going for a B.F.A in graphic design and electronic arts or a B.F.A in drawing and painting. Have not decided yet. I’m picking up a couple of programming classes also. I’m brainstorming now for the project and will start sometime next year in 2017.

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The integrated card makes me nervous about how it’ll work out, but sticking purely to 2D it theoretically should be fine.

If there are performance issues then this blog post might be worth taking a look at:

There is also this wiki post on recommended hardware that seems to imply even weaker hardware can be fine:

Thanks for the response. I guess I will have to save a lot.

The ram and cpu are both under recommended specs.

You’ll probably want to develop on a Mac instead of an HP if your sole target is iOs. There are ways around it, but you pretty much need to compile on Apple hardware to publish to iOs. A MacMini could maybe serve as a build server but if it was me and I was making an iOs exclusive game I’d develop on one also.

By the way. I like that it’s a 2D side scrolling mmo you are trying to make, not an mmorpg like many start out to do. Much higher likely hood of completing it.

You should also check out a Hackintosh.

I looked into Hackintosh’s and it seemed hit or miss if they would function. Some exact same motherboards will run OSX and some won’t. It’s a gamble if they will work. Also, it is explicitly breaking Apple’s developer agreements. If you don’t care for Apple instead make a mobile game that can run on Android and if you get money later port it to iOS.

He said he wanted to pick up a couple of programming classes as well, so he might as well get a Windows.

Can Unreal Engine not package a game for IOS via Windows?

It’s not legal. Here’s instructions:

That is a shame.

When I downloaded the UE4 I chose iOS support. It was an option to click on when downloading. Now I’m confused. Why would they have an option if its Illegal. I am planning on getting a mac and a windows pc. Unfortunately I have to start building and producing games and build up my cash. This is a slow start. I am planning on making games down the road for android,mac and pc.

It’s Apple’s terms, that’s how they get developers to buy Mac’s that otherwise wouldn’t. It’s not UE4 that’s the problem. UE4 can and does build to iOS, but you need to do it on a Mac.

Yep, I keep my old macbook pro handy since OSX and iOS require xcode to package for them.