Physical Sky - Weather System (Prototype)

I will give the user even more settings than there are right now if he wants to use them.
I might even do a custom version that is either the weather effects only and no transition system or only the transition system but no effects.

As for pricing, I can and will not try to say how much it will cost at this moment.

That sounds great. It does already look very nice. Keep it up! Thank you.

Thanks for answering, too bad that performance requirements are so heavy, but still non the less it does look very nice.

Looks fantastic Notminor! Lookin forward to see more of it :smiley:

WOW looks good

EPIC! :slight_smile: Want it!

Nice job dude, very impressive :slight_smile: !

That will be nice to offer versions that only do so much so people only pay for what they need for there project.

Thank you all!

I’m super busy righ now writing my thesis. I will try to post the progress of SnowV2 next week.

I think in this case there will be only one of these versions available on the marketplace. The other ones might be done with gumroad or on another good way.

Cant wait for next update, really holding fingers crossed that performance hit isnt too bad, becouse that snow buildup feature, cloud transition into rainy mode and the cloud look overall its just too good to have a pass on this plugin.

Please make it multiplayer compatible

Indoor and outdoor weather transitions are a must for me

Hello everyone,
thank you for your responses.
Just a quick update:

  1. I now have more time to further work on the rebuild of the system.
  2. I will start with the snow and puddles.
  3. And I may create a new thread as I intend the new version to be a plugin. In this new thread I am going to post more detailed about what I am doing.

Brilliant! Looking forward to updates, videos especially.

I need some awesome hard rain like yesterday. Can you support rooftops and interiors so u can look outside and see rain but inside no rain coming down?.. if u know what i mean. Also performance with rain is a major concern for me since my project is VR and i need to be hitting 90 fps.

When can I buy this??