Photorealistic Landscape Packs - UPDATES / NEW FEATURES

Fixed the material errors doing that Thunderstruck thanks! , but it still looking bad the terrain shader with flikering and bad shadowing as you can see here in this image…why this look like that?

Yep same issue. Material is broken and the black flickering in the map. Something isnt right here. Can others comments if they have the same issue?

same issue here too the previous versions work fine for me

I’m really sorry,I tried it on 3-4 different computers,but I have not encountered the problem.I don’t understand.


Change the min Roughness in DirectionalLight2 to 0.08 (default)
you have to expland the Light tab

You are the man ! thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thanks mate.You’ve been really helpful.

I’m glad you have solved the problem.But, why I don’t get the error. It’s really interesting.I fixed the errors and I sent it to Epic Games.

Hi all!
I continue to update my packages.I finished the Canyon-A map.

amazing ! good work Gkan.

Thank you.

Version 1 Vs Version 2 Graphics Comparison:

Is pack two ready for 4.12?

yes, will be ready for 4.12 .

Hi all!
I continue to update my packages.I finished the Canyon-B map.

When are you planning to release the updates to the Afghan Mountains and Desert scenes for Landscapes Pack 3?

I updated all the maps few months ago.

I was under the impression you had only updated the Canyons, since you list the Afghan Mountains and Desert as being WIP in your original post with no comparison shots.

Can I ask what’s the unit scale did you use? I’m looking can pack 3 codecanyon B, The grass is bigger than a 1m box, and it seems inconsistent with other terrains.


Some issue I found.

  1. grass and rock too bright on darker area?
  2. grass too big…How to adjust the size?
  3. rock wall got black AO look like hole??
  4. I trying to sculpt the landscape. I found rock no update position should be snap on the landscape??