Pawn Movement through vectors(Steering Behavior)

I’m still struggling to learn how to get characters to move with vector forces. I’ve watched videos of AI using AIController, Blackboard, and Behavior Trees. I wanna know if it is possible for AI to move simply through vector calculation similar to Craig Reynolds Steering Behaviors. Where would movement code like this go if possible? Within the Pawn Blueprint or Level Blueprint?

Is it possible to get the character to move in a direction with a given velocity starting from rest? Just getting it to move would be a nice first step for me. Thanks.

If you really wanted to do this via blueprint (even though a C++ movement component would be the recommended way to go) then it definitely needs to go into the pawn’s BP. It should actually be pretty easy to implement a vector-driven movement (via AddMovementInput), but it will not go along with AI movement (unless you make a movement component of your own). But that will be a start! :slight_smile:


Interesting. I’ve been researching more on my end.
Also, following this short tutorial:

would using an ACharacter and overriding the default CharacterMovementComponent that comes with it work as well? The CharacterMovementComponent doesn’t work with force vector movements does it?

If one were to continue with the Pawn setup in this question, would making a PawnMovementComponent suffice? What class does it derive from?

Custom CharacterMovementComponent would be the nicest approach (even if not most optimal one). Using PawnMovementComponent as a base should work as well - let me know if you try using it and encounter any issues.

Regarding class hierarchy - it’s all in the code and editor’s class viewer :slight_smile: