Parametric "Beaufort scale" ocean

heavy in terms of vr???

Ship it for everything else and get rich XD stop excusing… you are amazing

:smiley: It’s really really heavy and messy… You guys will become mad just looking at the nodes… and then you’ll kill me :slight_smile:
This is the material…

And this is the function for 4 gerstern waves mixed up

Wow… the material nodes are… not looking as good as the waves do. :wink:

I warned you all :slight_smile:

The main problem is that in my original idea one single parameter (the beaufort scale, basically) is responsible of all the others… Wave height, steepness, wavelenght, speed and so on…
This means a lot of calculation and values used everywhere… so I ended up having this crazy web… completely impossible to understand from other people I suppose :slight_smile: