Pampas - a prehistorically accurate survival game, set in ice age Buenos Aires.


Hello! My name is Leonel and im currently developing a game named “Pampas”, which is planned to be a simulator of the lives of the Paleolithic peoples of Ice Age Argentina.
After working on the project for a few months, grilling out concepts and shaping an outline of our game plan, we understood that it’s time to look for people who can help us bring the past back to life.
We’re looking for UE-specific programmers, map makers, modelers, and animators. preferably people who know their skill assets as to join us in making our project a reality.
Our personal motto is the strive for accuracy (i.e. present accurate AI behavior with the fauna and people of the area, geography that correlates with the real life area, pertinent flora for the region) along with keeping a fun factor for our game.
We are using our menial budget for basic developmental needs, and majority of the team is working for their passion towards the project. But, as of now, you will not be receiving payment initially when working on this project. We hope that you consider Pampas as a possible opportunity to learn and get better in regards to AI and UI programming.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.
Thanks for reading,
Leonel and the Pampas team.

Team Structure:

Alor Leonel Zveibil (Project creator)
Project managment, lead concept artist, research - 5 months.

Aditya Srinath (Project creator)
Project managment, sound design research - 5 months.

Cameron Hunter
Concept art, research - 4 months.

Julian Bayona Becerra
Concept art, research - 3 months.

Samuel Carter
Modelling - 3 months.

Ahmed Abdelsalam
Concept art - 3 months.

Vishal Boompally
A lot od research - 1 month.

Hugo C. Palmier
A whole lot of Research - 1 month.

**Marcos P.M. Penteado **
A ton of research - 1 month.

Julio Lacerda
Concept art - 1 month.

Brandon Roos
Modelling - 1 month.

Previous Work:
There’s a first time for everything :slight_smile:

**Talent Required:

UE4 Programmer**

  • Experience with UE4.

  • Experience with game programming.

  • Proficient in AI coding
    and / or

  • Proficient in UI coding

**3D Modeller

  • **Experience with realistic (hopefully prehistoric) animal modelling.
    and / or
    *** **Experience with realistic (hopefully prehistoric) human modelling.
    and / or
    *** **Experience with modelling realistic (hopefully prehistoric) props like clothing, weapons, and more.

3D Animator
*** **Experience with realistic animal animation.
and / or
*** **Experience with realistic human animation.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Discord: LeonelSaberTooth#4735

I’m not sure about the rules regarding this, but i’m bumping the post, as we are still looking modellers, animators and programmers.


Time wise, you are fine - it has been more then 4 to 7 days since the original post.
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While I have you - please let me know if this is paid, unpaid or royalty.
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a screenshot of what?
this is currently unpaid.

Concept art, some in-game work.
Doesn’t have to be a screenshot.
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Also, I’ve updated the topic prefix to [UNPAID].

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