[PAID] Unreal Engine 4 Tutoring

Hello, my name is David Pereira and i’m available as a tutor for Unreal Engine 4.

Here is my overall experience:

  • 20 years of programming experience (C, C++, Java, C#, and so on) in which 7 has been with Unreal Engine 4
  • 9 years as a professional game developer
  • 3 years experience in IT Consulting
  • Computer Science degree

Featured Work:

  • Lead Developer at Noctical Studios
  • Co-Author of the book Game Development Projects with Unreal Engine 4 published by Packt
  • Volunteer teacher at APSA where i taught students with Aspergers how to make basic games in Unreal Engine 4
  • Gameplay programmer in Dungeon Haven, which later became Mortal Shell
  • Developer at meshek{76}; to make a VR experience that demonstrares how a fully automated mushroom factory works
  • Lead Developer at MPC London to create Buster’s Garden VR Experience for John Lewis 2016 Christmas campaign
  • Miniclip mobile division: worked on 8 Ball Pool (as developer and Android Technical Owner) and on most of the Android games available on the Play Store (iStunt2, Extreme Skater, Gravity Guy, Hambo, Mad Skills Motocross, Fragger, Anger of Stick 2 and 3, Gravity Guy 2, Siege Hero, Apache Overkill, Monster Island, Off the leash and Feed that Dragon) on the porting division.

For a more detailed view of my previous work you can check my Linkedin here.

Main areas of knowledge:

  • Blueprints and C++ for gameplay
  • Multiplayer/Networking
  • PhAT
  • Material Editor
  • Animation Blueprints
  • Paper2D
  • UMG
  • Matinee / Sequencer
  • VR
  • Leap Motion

Timezone: UTC+0

Feedback from users

Status: Available for tutoring.

To contact me, send me a PM, send an email to or add my Skype ID xlar8or :slight_smile:

I contacted David recently to get some help with programming a 2D platformer in UE4 using Blueprints and he was a tremendous help. We would go over logic that wasn’t working and step by step build and revise the code together while he explained what we were doing and why.

We covered important topics such as: what options we had available to tackle a certain problem (there was usually more than one way to code the behavior I was looking for), why a certain piece of code isn’t working, the correct way to think about coding complex behavior, the advantages and disadvantages of using one method of coding over another, how to debug, and many more.

I not only got the work done that I contacted him for help with, but I learned a lot as well, and I feel much more competent and comfortable with Blueprints. I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for a tutor.

Are you still available?

phantom530 i’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:

I’m still available for tutoring :slight_smile:

Just hired David for tutoring. The guy knows his stuff, helped me solve some level and lighting issues that I have been stuck for weeks. Definitely recommend…:slight_smile:

Since i’m working on my own game, right now i only have availability for tutoring. If i become available for a paid programmer position i will let you guys know :slight_smile:

I’m now available for smaller jobs as a programmer :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m definitely interested in a joint tutoring/programming job. I’ll give you more info on Skype.

Talk to you soon then :slight_smile:

Provides great tips all the while trying to resolve the matter at hand.

David is a very knowledgeable and helpful programmer who’s tutoring is very effective. He helped me further understand blueprints, discuss strategies for handling various mechanics and debugging things along the way. He’s able to communicate complex issues in an understandable way and has great patience, along with being a enjoyable person to be around. I’d happily recommend him and will continue to utilize his services in the future.

David was a great help in getting started with creating a shell with blueprints. He was able to help me decide how to best proceed with choosing between different choices for connecting a custom input device. I am happy to recommend him to others that are having trouble getting started with Unreal.

I am no longer available for programming jobs, but i can still do tutoring, let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:

I took a 1hr tutoring with David. I must say he explained pretty much what I needed (basics of states, modes, controller, etc) and some issues with looping. I am expecting to have another tutoring pretty much soon with him again (he knows his stuff). He is also quite flexible, I made a mistake while paying via paypal, and he took it quite well (he would receive the payment in 3days xD). Anyways, Ive also been asking him few questions via skype, and he was quite friendly answering them aswell

I do recommend him.

Had a difficult bug fixed a week ago. He patiently looked at my spaghetti code and managed to resolve it in about 2 hours.

David really know where the problem lies. I immediately knew what help me. I recommend it most. Patient despite the language barrier. Such a man is a rarity.

This guy knows his stuff, I am moving from Unity to Unreal and need to use C++ for my projects and he can handle it all!

He is fast, does things quickly, i really enjoyed working with him. He was honest with the pricing, I really recommend him.

He really improved my design and also greatly helped me out with some multiplayer mechanics and such. Before he helped me I just kept bashing my head into the wall because not exactly everything is well documented in UE4 + UE4 (blueprints) are somewhat buggy and David knows exactly how to solve those problems. Plus he is a great and friendly guy and he indeed knows his stuff.