Packaging the game from outside the editor.

Is there anyway to run Project Launcher profiles or packaging for a project from outside the editor (from a batch to automate release on steam for example)? If so where can i find some documentation on the subject, for things like .ini options etc?
Is the solution to manually run cooker etc and place the files correctly with a script?

As a side note, I find some little things with the Project Launcher and Package Project a bit annoying, there seems to be settings found in one but not the other. (Example: Include debug files and crash reporter in package project not present in Project Launcher which on other matters has more detailed options). Anyway the lack of consistency is a bit confusing imo. I am assuming Package Project is a more straight forward approach to be used, maybe for less tech savy? and project launcher for more intricate details? Which might explain the inconsistency.

This is how we package our client:

cd /D "UE4_ROOT_DIR\Engine\Build\BatchFiles"
RunUAT BuildCookRun -project=PROJECT_ROOT_DIR\PROJECT_NAME.uproject -build -cook -clientconfig=Development -NoP4 -pak -crashreporter -stage -serverplatform=Win64 -stagingdirectory=PROJECT_ROOT_DIR\Build

I tossed that into a bat file to make things easier.
Make sure to replace UE4_ROOT_DIR with your source checkout directory and PROJECT_ROOT_DIR with your project directory.

Hope this helps!

Yes! Thanks! I just came back here to post this link:

I actually retraced what command that was run in the source code to find this… Feel kind of stupid…

I’ve been look around the source code and I can’t seem to find proper clean documentation regarding arguments to UAT or any other program for that matter.
Am I missing something? What is the help attribute i see in a lot of these source code files, can that be used somehow?
Do any UE programs have any help output?
Do I really have to read the source code to understand what commands do what?

For anyone who comes across this post you can access help with “RunUAT.bat -help” or for subcommands “RunUAT.bat BuildCookRun -help” for example.

I do this all the time using Powershell, and my script is on Github if you want to modify it for yourself.