Packaging and creating a dedicated server

Hey Jeff. No, I still haven’t tried to build a linux dedicated server from OSX. I always package my linux/windows builds from windows and then just use Mac for Mac client packaging. I suppose I became indifferent about whether I’m packaging the linux dedicated server from windows or mac.

If you’re in a bind you could rent an instance from Google or Amazon and perform linux dedicated server builds on there.

Hi, Pinecone,
I bounce on jeffs question : have you tried doing an html dedicated server ? :slight_smile:

Hey Teapot, I don’t think you’d want to run your dedicated server in the browser. That would defeat the purpose. :smiley:

Haha :slight_smile:
My ‘exact’ question would be : is taht possible for a html exported game to connect to a dedicated server located on the same machine where the hosting website is ?

I haven’t tried this but technically it should be fine. For example, you could serve your HTML5 client at 123.45.678.9:80 (TCP), and serve your dedicated server at 123.45.678.9:7777 (UDP). You would run a web server and a dedicated ue4 server on the same machine.

Personally I would prefer to dedicate separate machines or containers to specific tasks, but it isn’t strictly necessary and just depends on your needs.

Hmmm ok. Thanks for your answer !
I assume it depends of the authorizations I have, too… For now I only have an ftp access to the hosting machine, so for a dedicated server it might be hard to set up. Thanks !

the link is dead