Overriding GameEngine, and UnrealEdEngine classes for game

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It become quite clear I need to override those classes to get this module working properly. Dave gave me great help, and there is no reason to take more o his time for this issue, so I ask here.

Does anyone, overrided those clases for their project, and could tell, me which functions and other classes to override ?

Simply creating empty class, deriving from UUnrealEdEngine and chanding in DefaultEngine.ini doesn’t work.
New class is picked up, but editor crashes on splash screen, so I guess there is more to it than simple class override.

It was actually fairly easy. If someone had similiar issue I created wiki page:

This link no longer works. It just says we can move to a discord and that the forum community was killed off 2014 hah
I wrote some subsystems to process components. I would love to know how to properly override UEngine.

saw that UEngine has a collection of its subsystems EngineSubsystemCollection
This collection is not iterated on. I was thinking of creating an inherited class from UEngine and expose the array for iterating through it to call a processing func on the subsystems I have.

The new wiki is rebuilding older content in the Legacy category. This works.

Lexeon thanks!
So since its legacy is there a new UE4 way of doing things?
I’ll be using that legacy wiki for my approach for now.
But I’m always reading and studying so I’m always interested in new ways of doing things.
Also really enjoying learning more and more about UE4.

I believe Legacy refers to just content that’s been directly transferred from the old wiki. If you can’t find newer information on the subject, then this is the best you can go off of. It should still work, though.
There’s a lot of work going into the new wiki, so perhaps updates may come around.

For all you googlers looking for a working link to iniside’s post in 2022, here you go: Create Custom engine classes for your game module | Unreal Engine Community Wiki


@Dodgin Yes, Thank you so much!