Out of memory issues

If you end up getting to a point where you would need like 48GB or more to build lighting then you should look into using a dynamic lighting solution, while it might be possible to build something really big, you also have to think about how long it will then take you to work with the project and how much disk space would be used in lightmaps.

I’ve never needed more than 16GB of memory for proper development. It is possible for very large levels with high resolution assets to require considerably more (e.g. the aforementioned Kite demo), but I wouldn’t expect this of a normal game.

Lightmass can eat a lot of memory if you’re not careful with your settings.

my scene is very small few lights and 1 char thats all. it shoudnt have taken so much memory. I never ran out of memory issues in unity

Did you use a lightmass importance volume? The other question is how high a resolution you were using, and how many bounces. If you have a lot of overlapping lights, and a lot of bounces, it will rapidly stack up.

Or if you have a large landscape

That’s because Unity 3D uses less RAM by default if I’m not mistaken a brand new empty project uses around 200MB, CryEngine uses around 300MB on a new project level and Unreal a brand new “BLANK” project uses around 800MB “According to Taks Manager” which is already too much and will hit 1GB quickly.

The Unreal Engine 4 is great its by far one of my favorites it really is but it cant deal with the RAM it just runs amok with it and it can be extremely hard to keep your levels optimized with a engine that’s already to RAM digestive.

Unity and CryEngine are the only ones who take RAM usage at a minimum Unity is… kind of different because it depends on what you have dragged in since its mostly completely empty to start with, CryEngine comes with a massive Terrain, Sun, Lighting and a fully build Ocean along with its effects ready to go and it nails it with more than half of what Unreal is able to do with a blank project… Dang…

Your right it shouldn’t use that much RAM on something so small only people who depend to much on big memory will defend this clearly “BUY RAM”.

I only have 8GB of RAM and I work with optimization my assets are built to be light and quick in the past I never had this problem where I had Low RAM pop ups when I was making my games so I found it strange that this was happening a few months now but I ended up fixing it by accident by refreshing/restoring windows 10 entirely now the low RAM issues are completely gone and I can now work on my games like before and the RAM is now under control, but to me its still does not dismiss the fact that it uses to much RAM.

Since you don’t work with optimization in a level I would you have to be careful with the editing and what you put on it.
Just use Dynamic Lighting this is the best you can get out of it because you don’t have to bake lighting at all its done immediately.

Noone’s “defending” the memory usage. The problem is, you can’t do jack about it… so the only solution you can achieve in reasonable time is to buy more memory to satisfy it.

Not on my end

I don’t see how you’re saying that UE4 is the problem when reinstalling Win10 fixed your issues.

Because it still uses too much RAM its that simple.

It fixed it sure that’s how it used to be in the past and it was acting up for like 2 or 3 months so I knew it wasn’t normal behavior but
I mostly refreshed Windows 10 to clean it up it wasn’t the intention to fix Unreal that just happened.

I’m sure the intention wasn’t to fix UE4 because you still think that something is wrong with UE4 rather than your computer having a lack of RAM in the first place. But earlier in the thread there were lots of comments saying that you should close background programs, and it would have worked probably. The only difference after reinstalling Win10 should be that there are less random programs running in the background.

Also, what features are you willing to sacrifice to lower the RAM usage?

I’m not sacrificing anything anymore I have Unreal open along with File Explorer, Microsoft Edge with two YouTube videos both in 1080p tabbed and this page opened I can open and do more I done it already and Unreal works fine now.

In the past I did disable some services Windows used so I probably disabled something important.

All I’m saying is that the Engine could be optimized that’s all.

There isn’t really anything “bad” about a “high” ram usage like 800 MB. Its same like with CPU usage: If you have a good CPU but only 20% of that is used due to bad multithreading, then thats bad software. If UE4 would only use 200 MB of my 48GB RAM, that would be bad software too. It should use as much as it needs for running as quickly as possible and never having to reload any assets. And that’s what its doing.

The only problematic thing are memory leaks, those would ideally not exist.

Increasing page memory worked thanks!

Sadly neither of these work for me. My page file is already 32 GB (the same as my ram), and I configured the gradle bat with:


and yet I’m still getting an our of space error trying to build this app for the quest.