Our Ghosts of War - Open-World World War 2 Survival Game Like DayZ Seeking Artists and Devs

Game Title: Our Ghosts of War™
Platform: PC
Genre: Open World Survival Sandbox
Camera View: Third Person & First Person
Company: Pixel Perfect Polygons
Team Communication: Skype, Email, Slack
File sharing: Perforce
Contact Email:

“Our Ghosts of War” is a realistic open-world sandbox survival game set in Nazi occupied France in the days following the Allied invasion of Normandy. Inspired by survival games like “DayZ”, “Ark: Survival Evolved”, “Rust”, and “H1Z1”, “Our Ghosts of War” is intended to be the greatest World War 2 game ever created.

The first thing we’d like to announce is that we’ve created the largest, most accurate representation of Normandy, France ever in the history of video games. Using satellite DEM data we’ve managed to create a 400km historically accurate terrain that is larger than even DayZ. There has NEVER been a more historically accurate terrain in history than the one you will find in Our Ghosts of War. Here is the first preview of that map. You can see first hand how much ground the terrain will cover along with all the towns and locations that will be in the game. We’ve worked our butts off to make this possible and we really hope you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor very soon.

We’re currently looking to bring in a few props artists to help us quickly develop some small prop assets that we don’t have time to get to at the moment. In return for your help, depending on your rates, we might be able to pay you upfront. If it’s something you want to throw our way don’t hesitate. We’ll be in touch and see if we can come to an agreement. We only need the meshes modeled as we will take care of the texturing ourselves. Along with the meshes we would require the normal, AO, and Color ID maps. We would take care of the rest. Our plan is to move very quickly as we’d like to have to “Our Ghosts of War” on Early Access inside the next 6-8 months. We’re primarily artists by trade so we can definitely take care of everything on our own but for the sake of time we’d thought we’d throw this out there in case someone was interested in working on this with us.

Other games in this genre have sold millions of copies on Steam. This includes DayZ, Ark, Rust, H1Z1, and The Forest are all million-sellers. We’re confident that we can add “Our Ghosts of War” to that list. The team is currently comprised of 6 artists, 3 coders, 1 level designer, and 1 technical artist and we’re looking for 1-2 props artists and 1 more coder. Our artists are currently booked making weapons, tanks, bunkers, and obstacles like mines and anti-tank traps. What we’d like help on are more of the smaller indoor assets for the French homes and farms like tables and chairs and fences. Those kind of things.


  • Prop Meshes
  • Normal Maps, AO Maps, Color ID Maps
  • No Texturing Needed (We’ll do it!)
  • 10 hours per week availability
  • Communication via Skype, Slack, or E-mail


The first bump of many more to assuredly to come. We’re still looking for prop modelers.


Still looking.

**Still looking.

Email sent!!

email sent

Sent you an email.

Fantastic looking models. My project is pretty similar, I’ll see if I can lend a hand.

Still looking for help. We need one more coder and an environment artist who is familiar with buildings. We need help developing farms and towns.

Email sent.

And with that we’re done looking for anymore coders. Still need one more environment modeler. We’ve also started looking for animators. Our 1911 and Luger are being rigged at the moment. Our tanks are also wrapping up.

Destruction Test

Email Sent. Also it’s promising from what you’ve shown us.


Change Log v0.0.7

  • Players can now host an online game session through non-dedicated servers.
  • Players can now search for existing game sessions.
  • Players can now join an existing game session.
  • Players can now the running session they are in and go back to the main menus.
  • Players can now navigate through a very basic main menu setup to host, join, or exit the game.
  • Players will find an options button in the main menu intended to hold all controls over the game’s settings. Clicking on it will currently do nothing.
  • Players can now pause a game while in a running session. From their, they can resume the game or exit the session.
  • Players can now host/search for/join both regular multiplayer and LAN games.
  • Players now see a “Our Ghosts of War” splash screen when the game is booting up.
  • Developers will now see a custom splash screen when booting up the editor.
  • Developers will now see the “Our Ghosts of War” icon in Unreal’s launcher when they go to select a project to open.

Known Bugs/Issues

  • Menus can be easily broken. Current ones are temporary to help aid in testing networking functionality.
  • Searching for sessions multiple times will result in crash. The search button will need to be disabled while a search in progress.
  • Game cannot be packaged in Shipping for Windows 64-bit. Currently investigating possible solutions.
  • Client cannot quit game. Only the server can.
  • Options button on the main menu does nothing when clicked.

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