Our feedback about Unreal Engine 4

this is what I like!!! cuz these guys don’t give up on ya or their engine ^^^

chance musta ate some nice sauce with his turkey yesterday (Thanksgiving) :slight_smile:


Always & again & again …

As people already said you , here , they are only developers & artists , it’s unbearable to read words like this (Toy,**** etc…) you are talking about work of artists & dev obviously you are not because of the words you chosen. You’re not a kid of 15 years Named Kevin ? Please SmallB in the future, choose your words .

i am not talking about UE4 is very stable or something like this but of respect between developers and artists.
I don’t understand why Epic allows actions like this.

Sorry about it

Everybody can say whatever he likes as long as it doesnt offend someone :slight_smile:

… which never happens to me for example. So from my point of view, the engine is very stable.
I hope we get to hear about the system setup of Tobias…

No, this isn’t the correct way of doing things and every programmer I’m sure will agree with me. If my software cannot deal with asset being imported, for the hell sake it shouldn’t crash, it should give an error message telling me what is wrong with the asset!!!

If you PM me a link with the mesh I will take a look at it for you and let you know what is going on, if it is crashing without giving you an error most likely the mesh has some serious issues that need to be fixed.

The engine will give you warnings when there are problems with the mesh and cancel the import, I have experienced that before, so there is something seriously wrong with the mesh if you aren’t getting any errors and it is crashing. Let me know if I can help.


Would you ever get a life?!?!
Engine is unstable, and yes again and again until the current situation improves I will repeat what I’ve said.
Unless stability from the current state of affairs is improved at the current moment this product feels more like a toy than like a tool. So maybe in the future you should take a deep breath, rethink what’s really happening.

Why Epic allows actions like what?
That people complain about instability of the software they are paying for?

Are you serious?

You really should stop. At this point it’s hard to not treat you like troll. And as matter of fact troll who is very poor at trolling.

Nothing is happening. You refuse to cooperate, so the issue can be resolved.

Hey all - Let’s remain professional and respectful in our conversations.

Thanks, everyone.

It is you who are behaving like a troll. Stop.
Despite all those threads and people telling about instability of UE4 you with the determination of a maniac telling us very different story!
Stop doing this.

Yep, and you never had problems with lightmaps as I recall, and you also told me that what I’d expect from lightmaps to be is impossible, you’ve suggested that I don’t understand how lighting works that’s why I’m having all those problems. Luckily, literally next day, guy from Epic, in his post addressing lightmaps issues and the roadmap of fixing it, basically said what I was telling the previous day but everyone (or most of you) were telling me that what I’m doing is impossible.

Yep, right.

So you don’t have these crashes. But others do and this is not the way it should be!

DotCam offered you help. You refused, screaming the same bullcrap, all over again. Don’t be surprised to nobody will try to treat you seriously…

Let’s stop the discussion here before we jump into a “you are a troll…no your are a troll” conversation :wink: (I know such threads from my time in the UDK forum ^^)

**The ones that get engine crashes → report them on answerhub: https://answers.unrealengine.com/index.html
Make sure to add as many information as you have e.g engine version, the steps to recreate the crash, system specs,…
The ones that dont get any crashes
→ just ignore the thread or try to offer help (like DotCam) :smiley:

Oh yes, I did have and still have my fair share of dificulties using the engine. And thats what I also wrote in my posts about my lightmap problems.
I kept trying and trying until I found the solution. Aaaaand, right it was a “unlucky workflow” on my part.
Then I had a problem with normal maps destroying my static lighting… And again, error on my part. Difficult to track…

Currently Im having an issue in a project:

Tim Hobson reacted on it in Answerhub immediately (minus the weekend).
And yesterday I got a PM from him. I sent him the project and he will investigate it next week.
Thanks Giving…? I say THANKS TIM :smiley:

Just had to say that :slight_smile:


Hello people,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Just came back and saw all the replies.

It’s glad to see a very enthusiastic community. Sad there’re some troubles in between, ofcourse wasn’t the idea to generate that at all.

About our specs, here they are:

16gb Ram
NVidia 650M

12gb Ram
AMD 6870

I know those are not the best specs for game development, but that’s what we have and what we use for making games right now.

Just to let you know, we’re a small team. Right now we’re only two doing all the work. One guy with programming, desing and direction (that’s me) and the other with all the art, level design and material stuff.

But we’re professional in what we do. We have been working in the industry for some time. Just trying to make a step forward in quality.

Thank you,


Hi Tobias,

Thanks for sharing your specs with us.
From what I see, the RAM shoulnt be the issue, unless you have a bazillion of other ram hungry software open (3ds max, photoshop, etc…)
But the NVidia card smells like laptop. Correct?
I must say, on my laptop with a NVIDIA GT330M, UE was also choking a bit and with only 4 GByte I couldnt even dream of doing landscapes.
As DotCam mentioned, probably the raw asset is somehow corrupted.
I once managed to crash rthe engine on texture import with a targa file which I handcrafted with a hex editor. Sure not Epics fault :slight_smile:


Didn’t refuse… You are jumping into (wrong) conclusions (as usual)

Simply missed his post.

And, make my wish come through, please ignore me. Never reply to my posts.

Are you serious? How is engine crashing not an epic’s fault? Who is it then?!?!

If software cannot import a file for one reason or another it should at least say so, possibly give info why (but that may be too hard for some scenarios), but definitely software shouldn’t crash! Why? Because well written and behaved software doesn’t crash on file import even if file just importing is corrupted! I will say even more, if software crashes during import of a file and that file is possibly corrupted, that says that this software shows amateurish quality with regards of importing that type of file.

About the problem you are having with editor going loco. Are you doing some extreme, unusual things? No, does UE4 copes with it? No. Does it mean that this is stable software? No.
If you cannot understand it, then I’m sorry but you perhaps should familiarize yourself with definition of stable software and what does it mean to work with such.

Sorry I’ve missed your post.
Unfortunately, that mesh was never mine, it was someone’s asset. That someone was/is in contact with and shares his opinions on UE4 (un)stability with me without actually taking part in any discussions.

Thank you for your offer though, and I’m pretty certain that I will PM you at some point with something that crashes engine.

Thank you.

Ue4 is far from unstable…I get the odd crash now and then but its nothing compared to using idstudio with the megatexture system or pretty much every version of radiant ever…The fact that it runs so well with blueprints is a major achievement…if you put it in perspective its pretty stable and will only get better