Open the Steam Service using console command

I want know how to do this. Instead press Shift+Tab open the Steam service using a Console Command.
Open an external url will help too.
Can you help me?

Thank you.

This requires programming to create a blueprint node that can do so.

This documentation talks about the Game Overlay.

You don’t need any callbacks or call results from steam to trigger them, so if you follow this guide, you should get an idea on how to create a blueprint node to bring the steam overlay, and to set the steam web browser to a specific url.

Look at First Step with Steam.
I’d do some changes to prevent crashes.

if (SteamAPI_Init())
  const char* name = SteamFriends()->GetPersonaName();
  GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 5, FColor::Red, name);


if (SteamFriends() != nullptr) //Check that the Steam Pointers are initialized previously
  FString SteamName = SteamFriends()->GetPersonaName();
  UE_LOG(LogSteamworks, Log, TEXT("Steam Name of User: %s"), *SteamName);

I read somewhere that SteamAPI_Init() will try to recreate steam when you read it, so just checking the steam pointers are populateed should be enough. I think.
UE_LOG doesnt depend on the editor and is much better to print logs of what you are doing.

From the Steam API, what you are looking for is this

SteamFriends()->ActivateGameOverlay("Community");     //const char *pchDialog     //Check the Steam Api for more Options.


SteamFriends()->ActivateGameOverlayToWebPage("");       //const char *pchURL

How to create a blueprint Library.

If you want to pause the game when the steam overlay comes up, it’s more complicated, and involves more programming, but luckily for you, I struggled with that for a month and a half, and after I won, I wrote a throrough guide on how to achieve this.

Hope this helps.

Motanum , Thanks and please have patience with me.
Where I find this classes to modify?

Thank you.


So, you basically first step, is to learn how to do add code to your ue4 game.

Once you have that, and the code compile, then you have 2 options. The most simple one, is to create a blueprint Function library.

Learn how to create a simple blue print node. Maybe a int++;, that will take a int variable type, and increment it by 1. What you think can do.

Then, with that, you gotta go ahead and read this guide until the Look at First Step with Steam section. So you get the Steamworks stuff working and running in your game.

With that, you just need to include the steam_api.h in your blueprint library cpp class

#include "ThirdParty/Steamworks/Steamv132/sdk/public/steam/steam_api.h"

So you can make use of the Steam api calls.

With that done, then you can create your own blueprint node. Something like

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category = "Steamworks")
bool UYourBlueprintlibrary::ActivateSteamOverlayToURL(FString FullURL) {
	if (SteamUser() != nullptr)
                return true;
        //Steam not initialized
	return false;