Open CV / Unreal Engine Integration on Mac(with CMake)

I’ve been trying to get a prototype off the ground but am currently stuck at this step.
OpenCV is properly installed and set up and I’m able to create basic Open CV command line Xcode projects without errors. Unfortunately the only documentation I can find on UE4/Open CV integration is for Windows and since I’m on Mac I’ve used CMake and need to know how this would be accomplished. I found one forum which indicated it had something to do with the Unreal Editor but it didn’t seem clear what I needed to do.

Any help on the points below would be GREATLY appreciated:

1.) Provide detailed outline on integrating Open CV into Unreal Engine via Xcode/CMake

2.) Provide basic example code for webcam via OpenCv into the blueprints system.

Please note I am fairly new and self taught so no detail is too obvious or small to note, thanks again!

So your goal is to OpenCV function in UE4, then you need to add OpenCV in to build settings in build scripts, so compiler will know how to link to library. Keep in mind UE4 does not use XCode or VS build systems, or either CMake (but use them indirecly thats why they still needed to be installed), but it has it’s own build system called UnrealBuildTool, because of that build settings in IDEs are mostly ignored and settings in build scripts are more valid.

Lucky for you someone made a nice wiki page showing how to use OpenCV in UE4, including setting up build scripts as well as make basic blueprint integration:

Steps are very similar to any other library you want to use, but before you decide to use any external library makes sure that UE4 does not already have support for it’s function (for example you don’t need to link Steam library, there SteamOnlineSubsystem UE4 module for that) , using build-in functions is the safest and fastest route.

Thanks for your response but I’m afraid I still don’t understand, I’ve tried to use that tutorial and it didn’t make sense and seems to be for people using VS/Windows. I’ll look for more documentation on the UnrealBuildTool and hopefully something will click.

Sorry, i though you C++ person considering you want to use OpenCV :stuck_out_tongue: There is no offical OpenCV implementation for UE4, so only way of using it is C++, maybe try searching for some OpenCV plugin for UE4 (i can’t find anything in breaf search), if you can’t do it then someone else need to do it for you