Ongoing discussion about deletions of negative marketplace reviews

I will pm you then.

So I assume then he just “guessed” who is the person that made the review? My usernames are slightly similiar, but not enough to know for sure. So unless he can connect my email to my Epic username, there is no way he could have known, and this is what I am concerned about.

So Epic **AGAIN **just deleted a critical / negativ marketplace review just because the seller demanded it, even though the problem I gave as reason in my review still exists on my end and was NOT fixed…

And again the message I got did not “include detailed responses and notes” as was promised. Again all it said was “Technical inaccuracy”, which is as vague as it gets. It seems nothing has changed really and the sellers can still delete negative reviews by just saying it’s “technically inaccurate”.

At this point, my trust in your words **Unreal_Josh**is completely gone, because either you didn’t mean what you said in your comment #18 or you have no control over what your marketplace team is actually doing. And I’m not sure what is worse.

Yeah and my trust in the unreal marketplace is completely gone as well…

Furthermore, just deleting a review without actually involving the author of it is NOT a respectful thing to do. We customers take our time to write reviews, sometimes a lot of it, and our opinions matter. It’s an effort from us customers to make the marketplace a better place.

Just deleting reviews like that speaks volumes about how little Epic actually thinks of the marketplace customers.


I just looked at the reviews i wrote that grade a thing as bad.
They are still there and valid.

Also this thread seems to miss any evidence of anything.
Even a picture of a review?

I am obviously not name-shaming individual sellers here. And if you had actually taken the time to read through the comments, you would have seen that Epic / Unreal_Josh actually acknowledged the mistake last time.

I’d agree that no reviews should ever be deleted unless they either contain something flat out illegal, or are just personal attacks or with clear malicious intent. Honestly, seeing how marketplace seller addresses negative feedback is a good indicator whether I should buy a product or marketplace or not.

So when I look at the reviews, and I see “It doesn’t work” type one star review, and under it an elaborate, patient reply from the seller pointing the user to learning resource, asking about the difficulties, or offering a refund, it’s actually quite encouraging. But I do admit I may be an exception to a rule. Most people probably just look at the star score, and don’t dig deeper to see the reason for the low score reviews.

Hello spacegojira,

I’m sorry to hear that happened. I’ve reviewed your post and found nothing objectionable in it. It should not have been removed.

I can confirm that our policy was not followed in this case. The ticket should have been escalated, and a deeper review should have been conducted by a senior team member. At that point, had they believed that the post should be removed, they would have given you more details about the situation.

We expect all policies to be consistently followed by our team members. I’ve addressed this with the team lead and other senior team members, and appropriate feedback will be given to the team member who handled this case. We will also send a reminder to the entire team.

Thank you for bringing your experience to our attention, as it helps us improve our services for the community. If you experience issues in the future, we highly encourage you to reach out to us directly so that we’re able to assess the situation as soon as possible.

Again, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened again, and are taking corrective steps.


Two sides of the same coin. Negative reviews should remain if the issue can be validated and removed if there is a lack of understanding of how the asset should be used.

For example if someone ups a character animation BP and fails to note in the description it does not do replication.

Personally I have more than a few assets I purchased that fails a few requirements.

Thanks, I guess, but forgive me if I don’t trust this won’t happen again.

So in case you are really determined to improve this process: Do **not **delete reviews (unless they are spam, personal harassment or outright). Sellers have the option to reply to reviews, and that should be enough to counter false statements.

If a user makes a completely false statement unrelated to the asset and the seller reports it, then notify the user **BEFORE **you delete it & give a “grace period” of two weeks where the user can respond to the sellers claim.

After that grace period has passed and the user hasn’t responded, or properly shown the feedback to be true, then delete the false review.

However, your team really needs to stop giving in to the sellers feelings that easily. Customer feedback is part of a business - the negative feedback too - so sellers really need to stop being so sensitive & just properly improve their products, or they should stop being a marketplace seller if they can’t accept critical feedback.

So, have a good day and hopefully this will be the last time we have such a discussion.


PS: if you give sellers the option to report a review, it would be proper to give us customers the ability to report an asset as well, because there are a lot of assets that are outright broken or make false promises, and yet they remain up for sale to this date.

I agree with that, there needs to be a proper process (as suggested in my recent comment). And yeah, I also have a lot of assets I purchased that either fail requirements or are outright broken, but that is another story.

Hi spacegojira.

Are your recent posts referencing the review you left on my product which was removed? If so I can explain to you why it was reported.

Corporate censorship of anything that will impact their profits, reputation or business interests, anyone surprised? If you believe everything you read, reviews throughout the internet, then everything is just ■■■■■■■ awesome, everything works, and everything is worth what you pay for it. Of course in reality it’s not like that.

This is still going on… My negative review was deleted and I just got an automated message like the first poster that the reason was “technical inaccuracy” (I was complaining that the plugin was slow on my hardware, tried to provide enough information to creator - like what kind of data I’ve used and what h/w I’m using, etc.). I’m really disappointed with the approach of Epic towards the customer “delete first without due process”. It makes Epic look as a real hypocrites in the light of recent lawsuits and TIm’s tweets about anti-consumer behaviours…

So Epic, I’m curious what your reply is going to be now that you also deleted bbn777’s review, despite promising to not repeat the whole thing without due process?

And furthermore now you also start to delete critical questions, because they are uncomfortable for the seller, even though they do not break the rules?

I have an actual review with sheer technical inaccuracy that isn’t being deleted, he’s trying to use plugins that my own covers (and better) and the reviewer even dropped rating from 3 star to 1 star after he was banned from discord for constantly abusing other members.

I have had a stupid comment in the question section for almost a year that was never removed, even after multiple reports from multiple people.

OP is either flat out lying,
OR he wrote diffamatory things in the review that would cause it to be deleted.

Really see no other explanation, when as a seller I have actively tried to get something unfrair removed and was essentially told to suck it.

bbn777 wrote in to support shortly after posting here and we worked with them to resolve the issue.

Can we just change this to “hide” “moderated” messages. With a button to show them for anyone who wants?
That will make the system transparent for everyone. And hopefully, ability to resolve a lot of issues for customers.


Thanks for your suggestion. We are looking at updating the process, and will take your feedback into consideration. I hope to have more news in the coming weeks.

That’s a great idea, I totally support this - though it also needs to have the option to include the hidden review(s) in the overall rating.

With such a measure - if done in such a way that the “show hidden reviews” button is easily visible for users and not hidden away (e.g. should be above all reviews if one clicks on the review tab) - it would resolve the whole issue, but…

@Unreal_JoshStaff the email we get needs to include a direct link to the marketplace case form - users should not have to google that to get in contact with you to resolve the issue of a wrongly deleted review.
And at best, include a new category “marketplace reviews” in the marketplace case form.

Furthermore, the reason for deleting a review needs to be more clear. “Technical inaccuracy” can mean anything and is - as of now - too easily abusable. The email should include the part of the comment that was the reason for deletion.

Having to ban someone because they abuse other people on Discord getting me a 1 star review that lies about my product really sucks. And now their reviews are being given too much credibility and I often have to actually email MP support to get anything done about it.

I understand the frustration, just wanted to say there are two sides to the coins and we invest significantly more time into our products than the cost of a product.

It’s not a common occurrence but when you have a massive client-base it happens.

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