One rig multiple meshes queston

Hi how are you?, I just write to make a noob question.
I’m testing workflows for animations, and I was wondering what issues could I afford if I make that some characters share the same skeleton.

-Create a character ( from mixamo fuse or a custom one for example )
-At import time, I select the an existing rig ( e.g. the mannequin one )
-Now I don’t need to retarget or create new animbps, and everything works just fine.

Is this good idea? Because the workflow became insanely easier.

One problem that this have is that the socket positions could be a little different depending the mesh.

Hi mate,
have yo had a look at this series of tuts on the website?

It should answer all those questions a give you valuable info around the topic.

thanks for the info Adeptus. I will look at them. Anyway the question is still the same.
I know that I can retaget, but I need to duplicate every asset involved. But if the skeletal meshes share the same rig ( this can be done in UE) , you only need one think of everything. Obviously this is only applicable when the rigs configuration and tweaking can be shared by all the meshes.

That aside, is there another problem?