Official word on SpeedTree for UE4 subscribers


We know there have been a lot of questions about SpeedTree coming to UE4 subscribers. We’re posting updates on, including our first about UE4 since GDC.

The short answer is yes, we will have an offering available to UE4 subscribers soon. It will be fully-featured, minus the AAA-licensing cost. We will bring you details as soon as we know them. If you like, you can join our mailing list by emailing [EMAIL=“”]


Chris King
IDV, Inc.

Yeah : :slight_smile: This is awsome!

Thanks for info. Can’t wait to see what are you guys up to!

This is great news! Thanks for the update.

I’d be interested only if the EULA allow me to sell trees I have created on the UE4 market place :cool:

This is great news for sure, can’t wait. =)

Hi Chris,

Sounds great, will it be version 7 and if so what is the performance like compared to the version that was in UDK?

I really like SpeedTree (waited for ages for oblivion to come out because of the foliage in it) but found that the implementation in UDK had a number of issues:

  • No good for forests, more than a handful of trees over your landscape and the frame rate would start dropping like a stone (yeah I was using LOD and billboards)
  • No good for forests, because you couldn’t place speedtrees with the foliage tool (you literally had to hand plant them one at a time)
  • There was a weird glitch with the horizontal billboard, it would show as black from below (very noticeable if you were looking up at speedtrees from lower down on a slope).


Suggestion: you know what would be cool? Being able to auto populate a level with foliage and or speedtrees based on a noise mask in the landscape material…

Great news :slight_smile:

Perfect, this is great news! :stuck_out_tongue:

meanwhile how in the world can we make trees with bending foliage? is there any tutorial at all?

Are you actually going to maintain the integration this time, or leave it to rot like in UDK?

Ambershee, do you have a list of things you would like to see in the integration? Or things that should be done differently?

FWIW, we at Epic directly maintained the SpeedTree integration in UE3. While we didn’t add new features over time I wasn’t aware it was rotting badly. Could you point out some areas of pain so we and SpeedTree can both ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

I don’t use it personally, but there were a few common and recent reports of issues on the old forums aside from performance issues:

The issue in the most recent build appears to be cards not appearing on imported speed trees:

There are also issues with speedtree and lightmass sporadically not playing well together:

There’s some strange issue with atlas or texture indices:*f-with-speedtrees

Thanks! Let me get someone to look at those issues to see whether they are regressions and what is up with them.

Awesome :slight_smile: cant wait for it!

Chris, that absolutely rocks :wink:

one question though, i understand the need for revenue etc, but looking through your marketplace, some of the prices for individual tree assets are a bit high imo. 50$ for one tree? is that price set by the creator or by IDV? and if it is IDV, will there be any effort made to possibly discount that a bit either by offering packs or by our lic through UE4? mebbe a special section etc? or do i have it all wrong?

Excellent news :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool:

Fair enough. Our existing SpeedTree assets certainly aren’t priced for everyone, but to be fair, we haven’t unveiled our UE4-specific tree models yet. We would like to offer models packaged just for you guys, be it on our store or the UE4 marketplace. I’m afraid that’s about all I can say on that.

now that’s seriously cool :wink:

EDIT: i was thinking, how am i going to convince the wife to let me spend 1000$ on vegetation? /kidding

Can’t wait to see this released :smiley: