Noob needs help :) top down control mapping

I’m a designer without programming experience and I’m trying to learn how to script with the Blueprint system. Could some one help me solve the following problem and describe the solution so I can learn from it:

I’m working from the Blueprint top down template and would like to convert the player movement from move to mouse click location to strafe using wasd in relation to the camera orientation and face in the direction of the mouse cursor (top down shooter controls). I then want to set up camera adjustment using the following inputs: mouse wheel = camera zoom in and out with a caped maximum and minimum / mouse wheel button hold or alternate key binding hold + mouse move right and left to rotate camera clockwise and anti clockwise.

I also would like to map game pad controls later on so if there is a way to set this control scheme up that will make it easier to map game pad controls later that would be good.

I don’t know where to start. any help would be much appreciated.

I would start with these! You should have a pretty good start after going through them.


Ill check them out and put what I learn in to practice, Hopefully I shouldn’t need to come back and post again.

Thanks allot for helping me out.