non-player camera setup

I’ve been looking everywhere for ways to setup a camera for a local multiplayer that has players going in and out all the time. Meaning sometimes we have player 1, 2 and 3, and sometimes just 2 and 4. or 1 and 3, etc.

Basically I need to setup a camera that is handled on it’s own by blueprints and is not linked to any particular player. (very similar to the camera on Super Smash Brothers)

However, it seems the camera only works when linked to a player… is that really the case? I can already imagine the huge amount of logic required to setup a camera linked to players when the available players change all the time. It makes more sense to create a fake player to handle the camera in that case, right?


This is definitely possible, and we have a tutorial in our documentation that should allow you to accomplish something similar to what you are looking for: Using a Static Camera | Unreal Engine Documentation
While I know this isn’t the exact camera angle you’re looking for, this is easily adjustable. This tutorial should help you get the basic framework for your camera set up. Let me know if that helps, or if you have any questions.

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Thanks for the help =)

I think I didn’t quite understand how PlayerControllers work. I know now PlayerController 0 is always there. And when Character 0 dies the player doesn’t go anywhere. So the camera never loses the PlayerController reference, right?

Is there any definitive info anywhere about how to setup a Local Multiplayer game? I’ve been looking around for several weeks now but there doesn’t seem to be any section in the wiki dedicated to it. All I could find was a lot of confused and unanswered questions in the forums and answerhub. All the multiplayer info is about online play.

As far as tutorials for local multiplayer go, we currently don’t have anything official. However, you can find some information on the wiki. I’ve found a couple of wiki entries relating to local multiplayer that may prove helpful to you:

If you have more specific questions regarding local multiplayer, please create a new Answerhub topic, as this is different enough from your original question to warrant a new topic.

Thank you