"No OBB found and no store key to try to download"


I am attempting to get a UE4 project running on my android device (HTC U11).

I have created a new project in 4.21.2, Side Scroller > Mobile/Tablet. (I have changed nothing in the project).

I have installed CodeWorks 1R7u1 (found in Engine > Extras > AndroidWorks > Win64), and set up everything correctly (environment variables, for example). My build process is successful, and the app installs, but I don’t know how to fix this issue.

Any suggestions?


I get this same error

Make sure the OBB file is being pushed to the device. The install script that UE4 generates with the apk and obb should do this.

If your trying to go through the Play Store you need to set up your keystore. Check this: