New Wildcard Mod Community Liason

can you help me? I’ve got a pretty severe issue that no one has responded to, I cannot trash the map either it needs to be released.

please help me if you can.

So… What is it that you actually do as a “Mod Community Liaison”? It’s not answering questions (publicly), or posting here(publicly), or providing docs(publicly).

^ Yeah, when exactly are you going to actually “Lias”?

Going to give my two cents for what it is worth. No I have not seen anything from complexminded (Ced) involving answering modders questions and creating documentation and tutotials for the community, but to be fair, it has been pretty obviois that complex has many other obligations to WC to maintain and update his mod and keep some official servers going, which as all of us modders know, modding itself can take up every bit of available time we have. In my opinion, one person is not going to cut it for this task, what we need is for some of the more advanced modders, not I, to be able to sit down with a dev that has in depth knowledge of the code and the devkit, for a few hours a day for maybe a week and get explanations about functions, variables, etc. and get the low down on all of the modifications to unreal, so that we can make better documentation for ourselves. Or have a dev take a day and write more useful, informative tooltips, that would go a long way in helping modders. I’m not going to say anything bad about WC and their support of the mod community, because I believe they have done so much already without any obligation to do so, but I think that if modder support is something they want to be about going forwards, then this has to be a priority, and I know the devs already are working ungodly hours to meet deadlines, but this has to be factored in and deadlines adjusted, or hire more modders, cause I don’t know if one guy can do it all. Love you Ced, love you WC, love you modding community.

This forum is pretty much dead for support which is sad. I’m sorry man but I’ve reached out to you even personally for help and i’ve gotten none.
for a community liaison i’d grade you at an F.
I’ve not played your mod yet so I can’t speak on your abilities but i’d imagine, (cause that’s all I CAN actually do on this subject) that your skills are off the charts if they hired you.

I get there is a mod…but ya know what? working in the biz for a while now I can tell you that sometimes…especially in smaller companies or teams, you have to manage your time better than you normally have to in order to survive this industry. Working the games biz is major time management skills, especially if you are a valuable source on the team.
I’m leaving one more post today and then i’m leaving this forum for good. Its a waste of my time and i’m learning more asking the people on the discord channel that was started because no one is supporting this forum.

Yeah, I got all excited when I heard that we had a Mod liaison – but Complex is simply non-existent. I had to struggle through learning the devkit based on other users, primarily on the discord chat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single question get answered by Complex.

Yep. Sounds about right. Wildcard is a lazy, full of themselves, outsourcing company. Check out speedtree’s website. Anything look familiar?

You will never succeed if you have to rely on someone else to get things done, put in the effort to accomplish your goals and don’t give up. You have a tap of unlimited resources through google, its just a matter of comprehension and patience. Iv been working with this devkit for over a year with now and I feel like I only taped 10% of the potential that’s available, this is not something you will master in short time. Your attitude is a direct link to your success.

I definitely agree with your general sentiment, Samson F. Having a good attitude helps a lot. But I’m not sure how’s that’s relevant to the topic at hand – we’re discussing the complete absence of ComplexMinded (Ced) in the modding community. Having a positive attitude will help us all in general, but it won’t spontaneously give us an active mod liaison, which is badly needed.

haha a year+ later … same boat.
I thought this was a cute attempt at making the modding community feel wanted.
Wait, no, you are wanted because if it wasnt for modders, this game would never get new content or be fixed
All they do is pull in mods as “official content” and stake claims. God, when will you guys open your eyes to this and see that WC is only allowing this so they can get paid for your work lol … its all sad.