[New Tool] Rama's Instanced Static Mesh Editor Feature (pull request)

If possible, I’d like to know more about the pull request status as well.

i would like to know too reasons. It would be very useful for massive fps boost and even better is it can be reversed.

Check his comment on his github pull request from the 25th march:
"EverNewJoy commented on 25 Mar
Great to hear from you both!

I’m still waiting to hear from Epic :slight_smile:

Have fun today!


Sounds like its still active…

So whatever happened to this? Was the pull request denied? Ignored? Forgotten? I haven’t had a chance to study the code, but it seems like a useful feature to have at hand.

New Github Thread

Sorry, the new github thread is here!




Plugin Version Updated!

I just updated the plugin version of my Instanced Static Mesh Editor!

Rama’s Instanced Static Mesh Editor

A while back I added an Instanced Static Mesh Editor feature to my Vertex Snap Editor Plugin, which is now a separate plugin from this Victory BP Library:

Victory Ed Engine ~ Vertex Snapping and Instanced Static Mesh Editor

There was a bug in my setup that prevented the Instanced Static Meshes from working in a packaged game, and I’ve now fixed that bug!

So now my Victory ISM Editor is fully operational for your level-making needs!

You can now easily manipulate Instanced Static Mesh instances in the level viewport in world space!

And it works in a packaged game!

New Video I Filmed Today!

Original Video Introducing the Concept of Instanced Static Mesh

**Super-Efficient Way to Render 1000s of Meshes!**

In this video you can see my frame rate go from 9 fps with 1500 static mesh actors in the scene, back to over 100 fps, with the simple press of a key! And all the geometry in the level is preserved!

You can now easily create a super efficient instanced static mesh from a selection of regular static meshes, and also undo the process to make individual edits!

**I explain everything in the video!**

Installation Instructions



Will it work for static meshes that are inside blueprints but not the root component of it?
And they also have 6 materials each ( all materials are instance of the same material but with different properties ( Texture, brightness etc… ) ).

Which versions of unreal does it work with?

Hi Rama,

I have been trying for a few hours with different versions and also going back to 4.92 just incase it cannot seem to get the VictoryEdEngine (Vertex Snap) working with my 4.10 - I am sure I have downloaded the correct files and placed them in the correctly (created) Plugins folder inside my project folder but when I load my project at around 73%

I get the error
: 68492-error.png

So… I do not even get to the stage of adding the adding of the below to my DefaultEngine.ini file


A pic of my folder structure also :


When I tried your other plugin, it worked fine and appeared in the plugins list, I tried this purely to see if it was me :).

Any help appreciated as I’ve followed the Wiki and trauled through the forums for any other advice and thought it best if I post this here.

Many Thanks in advance

Holy ****. Rama single handedly improves the Engine by himself and gives me a solution to what I’ve been looking for the past 12 months !!!

i am getting the same error as PerfsPC. If someone could help :slight_smile:


dont worry about it, i re-compiled for ue4.10 and all working now.

Yes - Well done Tads - All working.

Great for square based meshes but something like angled mesh what isn’t perfectly square seems like it will only snap 1 vertex at a time, would be great for it to align the rest of the vertex’s up, I’ll have a play unless i have missed something.

yea, something like “Edge” snap would be great!

Even with edge snap I don’t think it would suffice after working things out this evening in 3ds Max, the only way of exact snap is to match the rotation values 1st, unless I’m mistaken :slight_smile:

Cool I want this! BTW fi your “GitHub Support” link in first post

can i use this plugin for mobile???

How to make this work on a Mac? I keep getting an error that the plugin library is not installed correctly and i must consider disabling it for project. Also i want to use it on mobile. Will it work?

Super excited to get this working my project. Could I have a more detailed rundown on how to get it working in a custom engine (we are working w/ Wwise)?


Rama should be hired from Epic , is really awesome to do easier our lives. I dont understand why these features arent in unreal engine