New Release: Stylized Demo

Awesome, thanks. I’ll try it out soon as I get home

any chance you could explain your approach to lighting design strategy/process when you were planning this environment? i was dissecting the lighting, but noticed it was really more of a balance between emissive materials and the directional light (with an intensity of 15?..confused here).

i cant find this project in the new marketplace - was it removed?

The Stylized Rendering project has moved to the Learn tab of the launcher - from there you can also go straight to the documentation that explains how different materials and postprocessing were set up in the project! :slight_smile:

First of all, nice work! I really like the way all the elements work together.
I’ve been studying the demo ( I must say I’m rather new to Unreal), and managed to reconstruct and tweaked the materials. The only thing I can’t manage is to do is get the ground material to work on a new landscape… If I apply the one I made to the original demo’s landscape it works, but applying the original material or my own to a new landscape it shows green as in the occlusion step. So, what am I missing? it’s been three days and can’t seem to find the solution.
Thanks, and keep up the great work :slight_smile: