New launcher memory leaks

The new launcher is a huge improvement over the old one. The old one was unusable after 24 hours and consumed over 1GB. The new one doubles in size in a 24 hour period but unlike the old one, its still usable. I don’t know if it well die like the old one at a certain point, but there is definitely still work to be done.

Hi awillisions1701,

Our devs are investigating this issue. In the meantime could you post your Verbose Logs? Just follow the 10 steps towards the bottom of this link below to find them. They should be a bit larger than the standard logs and contain the word ‘Verbose’ if you word search them.

Also if you could provide your DxDiag as well that would be helpful for us. The steps to get it are provided in TJ’s link under the “The Launcher fails to load, or crashes on load” section.


-Max B.

link text

I made the changes to the .ini file, but I’m not seeing the log files showing where they should be. The unrealEngineLauncher folder is in my appdata, but I don’t see saved\logs.

BTW I’m on windows 7 and the launcher is in the Unreal Engine folder not the Epic Games folder.

If you updated to the new launcher, the logs should be in the EpicGamesLauncher/ Saved/Logs and the launcher should still be in the old Unreal Engine folder though launcher exe should have the EpicGamesLauncher name (a bit confusing, I know).

Your DxDiag though, doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary. What tab do you generally leave it on? Do you have a lot of things downloading in the launcher?

We do have more fixes on the way in the coming months ahead for performance.

-Max B.

They aren’t there. I’m in the folder
The only thing in this folder is an empty folder named “com”.

Fortunately this issue is vastly improved with the new launcher, but I’ve noticed it does a terrible job updating the content while you’re running it. The other day it said there was a new engine. Yet while it was supposed to show me 4.7 p5, it was showing 4.7 p4. The other night with the marketplace update it claimed I owned ALL the new content. After restarting the launcher, it correctly showed 4.7 p5 as well as the new content being available but not owned.

Hi AWilliams,
The file path you listed is still for the old launcher. The new launcher uses the path “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Logs”

Also, let us know if:

  • What tab do you leave it on when you experience the memory leak. Is it a specific tab or does it happen on any tab?
  • Do you have items downloading when you’re checking memory? How much of a difference is there memory-wise is it between downloading items and not downloading?

-Max B.

AH I found them. I’m not sure what you actually want or if I’ll be able to upload them. Some of them are over 300mb.

I generally leave it in the library tab as its the quickest to get to my project.
After several days of running, Its up to 737 MB (which is still less than the old one after only 24 hours).

I’ve also noticed that its still showing 4.7 preview 5 but after a quick restart, it shows 4.7 preview 6. I’ve also noticed the memory usage shoots up faster if anything changes (ie: new engine, new marketplace content)

Yeah I’m struggling to upload any of these here. The most recent file is 21MB and 4.39 MB zipped. It won’t let me upload either.

Hi awilliams1701,

Could you upload them to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and post a link here to download them?

I have no idea if this link is all you need or not. I tried to find permissions, but couldn’t find any. I’ve never used google drive before.

link text

It isn’t accessible for us. Take a look at this Google Drive document, it shows how to set up sharing.

I think it will work now.

We have several memory leak fixes for the next update as well as improved performance which should fix your issue. If the new update comes out and you’re still experiencing performance issues please let us know!

-Max B.

After 3 days of running the current version its at 80mb usage. Since I know for a fact it was a lot higher than that while I was downloading something a day or two ago, I think you got it fixed!