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It’s just the converter from enum or byte to int. Just drag an enum or byte into a place where an int is needed and it will make that node.

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You people may have noticed that I’ve deleted a lot of comments, and this is because I deleted any of my comments that I felt were useless to the conversation.

It would be very similar to what we already have. Use the input nodes and make them set a variable of type “AttackDirection” enumerator that we made. Then on Left Click have that start the attack.
Again I think you might regret having it be a 2 press action as it might feel unresponsive and you will also hit issues where lets say someone hit left 2 minutes ago, that left would still be in que when they hit leftclick.

Note in this diagram that I just used Left, Jump, Right, and an event called “LEftClick” but these would be input buttons that you setup in your Project Settings for “Left Attack”, “Center AttacK” “Right Attack” and “Left Click”. Make those inputs in the project settings and replace these.

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Now I will comment on this 2-press action. This is done in real time, and the player can make the choice of which space he wants to attack at the enemy, and in my unbiased opinion (despite the fact that I designed it) this is the ingenious design wherein the player’s choice matters every second during combat. The players can, on the fly, switch from attacking space 1 to attacking space 2 – this leads to a chance of parrying or not parrying. I actually made a tabletop version of this game and played it against other people, and it was too much fun. I used to be a very good player-versus-player character in World of Warcraft, and my game is not inspired by World of Warcraft, but it is inspired by real-time combat, which, in my opinion, is the most engaging and entertaining form of gameplay. As a chess player myself (who has beaten the computer before), I can see why people find the turn-based combat of chess to be a bore.

In essence, this game is like a real sword-fight, because in real life you either strike the enemy or strike their sword (parry them), or miss them entirely. So to be exact, this is a fencing game with complicated stats tied into the combat system, and that’s the best way that I can explain it to you.

Okay, so I’ve updated the image of the “field of attack”, because one would think that if you were facing an enemy’s side, that you would press the 3 or 1 key whether on their right or left in order to attack, but this is not true, because the attack directions are nullified when attacking at a player’s side. Instead, attack direction becomes Rightside and Leftside.

Hi Zog,
When I said it would feel unresponsive i didn’t mean your combat system overall, i simply meant having to click 1-2-3 followed by a left click to trigger the attack, it was requiring 2 different inputs to do an attack that I was concerned about. I don’t think you need to have different ui/controls for a side attack. I would stick with the cardinal directions and just have the 3 AttackDirections link to 3 AttackLocations on the target. I made a quick diagram to show what I mean: (The Characters i just grabbed off google images to make the chart clear)

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You’re much more skilled than I am – at everything, including graph design. I never was the artistic type. I just have a high skill in language and can learn languages easily. I may be crazy in real life, but I’m glad I’ve met friends on the internet, where there is a distance between us. Good friends who can help with my game.

I was talking with a friend, who convinced me to sell the game on Steam, when it’s done, and then share the profits with you and others by sending you and them checks. My friends were impressed with all the help that you’ve given me.

Due to the way that my bank account is setup, I unfortunately cannot connect it to PayPal.

P.S. “Zogzor” was intentionally the geekiest name I could come up with. It’s supposed to sound like the name of an evil wizard, but it was the name of my Gnome Warrior on World of Warcraft.

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You don’t click 123 then left click, you just choose which space you’re going to attack at the enemy with 1, or 2, or 3, then when you left click your attack will land on whatever space you last chose. If you’re suggesting that I ditch this system, then perhaps there is a better way. It seems from the graph that you’ve created, that you have some understanding that I don’t – perhaps you’re looking at it from a programming perspective?

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No need for payments at all but thank you for offering. I’m more of a fine arts person doing visual work professionally and for my entire 20s, could not understand programming at all, my mind struggled so much with it. When I was first learning code I had a terrible time getting answers on the most basic questions that would have saved me months and months of learning or maybe years. I am happy to help as much as I can, I feel obligated due to how challenging it was for me when it could have been simple. It does come together, it was the hardest thing imaginable for me before and now I speak all popular scripting / programming languages as long as I have a webpage up to look up syntax.

I wouldn’t worry to much or compare Zogy, I work study in the fine arts / graphic realm professionally and have been doing this for a long time. Anything I can do so can you though. Honestly I think viewing the project as a learning experience is best and not worrying about what the end result or releasing a game. With my project I only use my own assets so it forces me to have to have to improve at 3D work, graphic work, programming, music composition etc. Yes the game takes forever but I’ve learned so much along the way slowly chipping away at skills and it is rewarding, when it does release I will know it’s truly all mine. I think I would encourage you to take it slower and just focus on learning the steps along the way, if the steps are to big right now then do a few studies that are simpler to learn what you need.

Hearing your game mechanics I can promise it is a fairly straight forward game to code and once you get a little more understanding, with the current scope of the game I’ve seen, it would just be a day or two of coding. Afterwards the project would just require the making or purchasing of art assets.

Long sort of didactic (sorry) rant later, to summarize, I think you should believe in yourself more Zog, the complexity of this project is overall appropriate for someone starting out on Unreal. Maybe a little complex but close enough to learn UE4 while doing it. It’s all within your grasp to do on your own if you dive in.

Now about the input, yes we might not be seeing eye to eye because I have a sort of picture in my head about how your game is coming together and it might not be clear. My question is why require the left click at all? You could just have pressing 1 or 2 or 3 fire the attack off if an opponent is in range.


There are many systems in this game, though. For instance, trading equipment system, looting equipment from dead players, zones where players can’t harm each other, boss fights, random loot drops, et cetera. So there’s gonna be a lot that I need to program.

Here is some description of the game: "Equipment would wear-out, and new equipment would spawn in dungeons, where players would fight rare NPCs to obtain new equipment. The dungeons would be difficult so that it would take at least 8 players to beat them.

THIS IS NOT A GAME FOR PEOPLE WHO GET ANGRY AT VIDEO GAMES, as players can kill other players and take their equipment, to get the spoils of war.

The whole point of the game, after all, is “going on the warpath”, or, in other words, battling other players.

A player is capable of forming a gang, and other players can join this gang by making a pact, and gangs would have a flag that they can plant in an area of the game map, and this would make it their territory, unless another gang comes and destroys the flag and plants their own. The benefits of having a flag planted in a territory is, that as long as you’re in your territory’s radius, all of your stats will be increased by 1 point. A gang’s maximum limit is 8 players, preventing gangs from becoming too large and too powerful. When players make a pact to join a gang, the pact lasts for several hours, and as long as the pact lasts, the players who are bounded together cannot harm each other, and they can re-pledge the pact at any given time. You can only pledge a pact to one gang at a time.

A player’s bagspace is only four slots, preventing players from hoarding too much equipment.

There would be safe havens where players can stay away from PVP, and not get spawn-killed."

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So how do I start off from this? I took two different pictures of my code and cropped them together in one image:

I suppose I’ll have to give you my rationale for the left-click action, and that is simply because “It feels right”, like a shooter game, or even Skyrim. It feels satisfying to swing your weapon by clicking the left mouse button and landing an attack; but, I do figure I’ll try out your method first, if you’ll help me program it, so that there’s a field of attack, in the eight cardinal directions, and the attack is launched with the 1, or 2, or 3 keys.

You got to meet me half way here Zogy, I’m willing to help out when you get stuck and share some strategies to how to approach problems but at this point I’m working on your game more than you are. I’m not sure why you are not willing to just start to dive in and create something but it seems like you really don’t want to get your hands dirty with it. If you don’t want to make a game then you shouldn’t make a game.

In terms of pitches we’ve all seen 10 variations of every game imaginable or possible to program under the sun. There is no novelty ideas anymore when it comes to game design in a traditional sense. In a way a pitch is meaningless in games unless it’s primarily pages of art direction. What makes them succeed is if they are polished, have nice style, art direction and charm.

Action-oriented combat ### Take an active role in your MMO combat experience
Age of Conan: Unchained’s combat system lets you take an active role in combat. Rather than pressing an auto-attack button, you actually control every chop, thrust, and swing of your weapon. Our combat system also allows you to control your defense rather than relying on statistics alone, adjusting your defenses as your enemies attack, lending an element of skill to every encounter.

Age of Conan is similar to your combat system and no one wants to play age of conan right now. It was made by Funcom which is an entire studio. I’m not saying your game couldn’t work and be wildly successful, and you seemed passionate to try to make something at first, but all games today are clones of systems we’ve already seen. For them to succeed they have to be made with some combination of love or charm and be very nicely done. Even the most talented and committed solo devs would struggle to release a game that anyone actually wanted to play, because there’s a literal ocean of clones of games overflowing out of steam every day.

I don’t mean to be hard on you Zog, I respect that this is very important to you but I’m trying to help but I feel like you just want me to make your game for you when I have my own project and vision to complete.


I thought you would help me out, but it seems that you think I’m just using you. Now I will say this: the game I’ve come up with is unique, and there is nothing quite like it. I’m making a game that I want to play, because I don’t see any games out there that I would like to play. I’m not a big fan of entertainment, and pretty much don’t do anything entertainment related, however I am passionate about making my game. I will also tell you this: I almost got a lump sum of 20,000$ USD, but that didn’t happen. Had it happen, I would’ve just paid somebody to make my game for me, so you’re correct that I’m lazy.

However we view games differently; I’m a chess player, and to me a game is nothing more than a set of functions and rules, as in what can and cannot be done. You seem to think that what makes a game good is baffling people with bullsh*t rather than dazzling them with brilliance. As you can tell, my game’s all about its mechanics. I haven’t cared one whit about art direction, atmosphere, or graphic design in general.

I do not care if my game succeeds or not. I’m making a game that I want to play, and as the old Native American saying goes, “What’s good for one is good for another.” So perhaps people will play my game.

Yes I do feel that way, and I resent your term Baffling people with bs. Regardless, good luck on your project.

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You are correct that I cannot rely on you. I cannot rely on any sentient being. I do not like talking to people, even on the internet, so, I think I will not come back here.