Networking: Connecting to multiple (2) Servers


I want to leverage the UE4 networking / RPC suite to connect to some sort of master server, which will launch additional servers where the players will travel to.
Kinda like the new UT4 Hub system.

However, it has to be a little different, since I have to be connected to the server at all times (due to authentication).
Can this be achieved, or is it advised to travel to the new server, and let that server do the job of the master server, that I basically only have several master servers, which will spread the job across the slave servers?

I don’t think UT Hub style is like that.

The Hub is a “lobby” server with the ability to spawn the game-specific servers.

I don’t think it has the ability to spread the game across multiple slave servers.

No, I know the Hub doesn’t work like this. I might have formulated my original post a little bad.

However, I found this in the meanwhile: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums
Through some completely unrelated browsing, but sometimes you have to be lucky. With access to the internal socket system, building a master server is quite easy.

Edit: Is there a way, as a client, to figure out if I’m connected to a server?

So if I understand correctly. You want to have multiple overlapping dedicated servers. And let the client stay connected to 2 servers in the overlap zone?

That way players on both servers will be able to see the character?

The master server isn’t replicating anything, it’s just managing to which gameserver the players should travel, since each map can have multiple running servers. Actually pretty similar to the Hub in UT4 is doing.

Only similar to UT Hub if you are using loading screens. If you want seamless hand-offs that’s a different situation.