[Need Help] Taking object from inventory to my Character's hand (spawn of and attach him to an actor

I actually did a video of setting up attaching a weapon to a slot that you picked up in the world. And ste1nar is correct. You do not want to use a character. All you need is a base actor for a weapon. If you want to see the video I did setting up attachment here it is

Doesn’t work, i need to use another BluePrint.
Because the weapon on my game, in the space, is an objet with collision, and the other is an item who can be in my inventory.
It’s work if i take off the colission, but no physics if i do that

I always have the problem, i know i need to use the class “Player Controller” for doing this, but i don’t know what to do.
I want to create like a reference, when i call a class, this class will call another reference class, like for my weapon here, i have a blueprint class for my ak, when i want to take the ak, i call another class who is the ak mesh class.

I would like to resolve my problm it’s important