NEBULA: Sole Survivor

In. Looks awesome!

Awesome, thanks! I just updated the Kickstarter video. Check it out!

This looks so cool! I will definitely stay posted on this! I wish we could make our action beat em’ up an RPG :frowning: Coreupt (action beat'em up) - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums


Guys, I’m in!

Thanks eveyone that voted :smiley:

First time i see this game!
Looks very solid and fun to play. GG for the Greenlight.
Btw i am very fond of what you did with my ‘SciFi Props Pack’, you did a great meshing placement :wink:

Thread subscrided… Keep up the nice work :wink:

Just updated the first post with an experimental build with the new aiming system. This is a new concept for top-down shooters and feedback is encouraged! Play it and let me know what you think.

Here’s the direct link (503 mb, 7zip required. Windows x64):

And a dropbox mirror:

@macoll, thanks for providing the awesome sci fi props pack. I love it and use it every day. I also like to customize the meshes and textures to give an unique look to the game (as I always do with asset packs), and sometimes I model new meshes following the same general style :slight_smile: Also, If you ever release a new package with a similar theme, let me know!

Looks great! Reminds me of Alien Swarm.

I wasn’t sure where I should be posting this but I just started playing the open beta today and I must say it’s really fun. I like picking up items and figuring out the game as you go. The game has deff got my interest. Right now it’s more of a tps, are you going to change it to be more of an fps? I know there is a known mouse issue with the game but I also noticed that when you die while you’re in the objective zone, then the screen shows you died and that there will be respawning but that doesn’t happen. I’ve died a couple of times while being in that zone and the screen stays black while the creatures kill me again. I’m able to hear the sound of coming back to life in the game but I can’t see or do anything so they immediately kill me and then the screen tells me the objective failed so I just have to exit the game after that. I just start over but I’m wondering if this is supposed to happen every time bc i’d think no right?

Nebula’s new graphics options menu! Made with blueprints and widgets :slight_smile:

Yar very pro! I dig the music too :wink: