Nature Environment in UE4

@Jamsh all you really need to know is here : 3ds Max Help

Also you can find a custom script by google searching that does your bidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he also uses SlideNormalThief -> you can copy the normals from another mesh to your target mesh

My result didn’t turn out as well :frowning: And for some reason, my foliage isn’t shaded/darkened by the surrounding geometry. Notice how it’s equally bright through the level rather than being darker in the shadowed areas. This occurs wether I use a static, stationary or moveable directional light.

Is there anything I’m doing particularly wrong? I used the exact same material setup as Ulrich for now. My vertex normals are all pointing straight up too.

I think a lot of Ulrich’s magic is also done with how he made his meshes. Ulrich did you create your own backfaces rather than using a 2-sided material and use those normals, and are they flat planes or actual geometry with depth?

Are you using static lighting? Foliage doesnt work well with static lighting currently as far as i know.

I know that it only casts dynamic shadows, but changing my light source settings doesn’t seem to change anything… must have missed something somewhere. Even so, that shouldn’t effect the shadowing from the surrounding geometry should it? I’m still not entirely sure how the foliage system works. Might be better to use static meshes for the mean time. That’s going to be a lotta lightmaps though :confused:

Lightmaps are the least of your problem if you place them as staticmeshes. UE3 foliage was lightmapped as well. Never was a big issue.

Drawcalls on the other hand… The prime reason to use foliage over manually placed meshes are the drawcalls.

You must have something in your material that makes them this bright. Try to add a very simple grass material to the mesh just to narrow that if it is indeed the material, or something else.

Using an identical setup to Ulrich here, I even darkened the colours to no avail, the lighting still doesn’t affect the grass.

The meshes are simple planes with a few extra verts and all normals facing up. Ulrich’s meshes must be doing something different surely… are you guys actually getting shadowed foliage at all?

Bumping this.

Have you placed those meshes with the foliage tool? When yes, then enable moveable in your directional light

Yep I did that, still no luck :frowning: I had to seriously multiply the colour down too, so now it looks too dark all round.

What exactly do you mean by that? Wouldn’t it be a pretty good reason for your shading being messed up when all normals are pointing to the sky? :confused:

Probably they should not face just up.

Look at second picture - 100% dark on polys that looks down and in your case you get 100% bright polys, when they look just up.

here a basic shader without edit normals:



fixing shadow

Looking good!

Is there any way you can help explain your wind shader a bit more? My “wind” shader feels more like an underwater current (if that current was having a seizure).

Do you paint weights on the grass?

Looks really awesome! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thank you , Ulrich ! :slight_smile:
Just experementing with grass shaders.

Thanks Ulrich. It does actually appear to be working in a new level. My current level has quite a lot of lighting so perhaps a rebuild will help the problem.

Just a shame it’s so expensive to use SSS on foliage :frowning:

Nope, see Ulrich’s first post about editing the mesh normals. The idea is to have uniform shading across all of your grass, rather than have normals on the planes that face away from each other.

Again, that’s for a single tree object. On a grass plane, you want them to all face the same way, as the grass is supposed to be one huge object, not a collection of small objects. A quick lighting re-build seems to have fixed my problem, bit odd though.

hey guys, will ulrich’s method work for something like this:

It’s a screengrab from Tera. My team might be looking into making something like that for our project. We wanted to go PBR but with the theme we have in mind, foliage is unavoidable. From what I’ve been hearing, you can’t make good proper foliage in PBR for UE4 yet. But Ulrich seems to have come up with something, but it’s applied to grass, will it work the same way for other plants?

ok another way without Edit Normals and SSS Shading is, to deactivate the Tanget Space Normal and add 128.128.255 Color to Normal Slot.

I make a short making of.