Native Android Mediaplayer on Galaxy Note 4

Ok, thank you Chris. Which is the maximum resolution we may expect to be able to play now?

I tried a 4K video and it worked fine, but you will need to do some testing as the bitrate of the video may make a difference.

Great! You guys rock :slight_smile: Will test it soon

Nice work I’ll test it too.

You see where I work we are doing interactive 360° VR and non-VR documentaries and experiences. So I was wondering if one day we could use Unreal Engine for it, because personnally I prefer Unreal to Unity.

Like if we could do something like this:

Hi Chris, tried a streamed 360 4k video on android / gear VR on 4.15 and the frame rate was good, but the overall resolution seemed much lower than the same video on a Rift. Is it possible that the texture resolution on android is limiting the real size the video is displayed? Are 4096x4096 texture available on android?

Make sure you enable high-precision in the material for mobile; without it the interpolated UVs will not have enough precision to use the full texture range and it will look lower res.

Thanks Chris, I tested switching alternatively the two materials (with and without full precision) but I can’t see a significant improvement. Is it possible that the texture resolution gets clipped to 2048x2048 on android?
Also, the video exhibits a lot of aliasing, even though I have enabled MSAA 4x (not sure if this is supposed to work also with textures or just with edges, though).
Is there anything else I can try?