My projectile looks weird when I shoot while moving

I have a gun that shoots projectiles. The projectiles spawn in the barrel’s socket. As long as I stand still everything is fine, but as soon as I move my character or the mouse in any direction the projectile(which is a simple sphere with a sphere collision) turns into some sort of capsule. I tried replacing the sphere with a cone, and even a capsule but it still does the same thing. Also whenever I look at my character’s shadow and move at the same time, the shadow becomes sort of blurry. I opened a new fps template and the shadow blur is there as well. I assume the shadow problem and the projectile problem is related.

Hello, and thank you for posting.

From the information provided, there is a small chance the projectile is still part of the weapon. Another user that I will link to shortly has a viable solution and it deals with the same concern but states the velocity may also attribute to the problem.

The blurring is likely to be attributed to Motion Blur:

I hope these two informative links provide useful to you.

Thank you for the reply.

The links you provided were very useful!