Multiple static mesh material slots with material instances vs one material slot with texture performance

I disagree.
The world is full of Sht games. As per other topics.
Publishing yet another bad game made with low quality poorly thought out assets is less than ideal to me.
Since Rawalanche cares enough to ask, I’m sure that whatever he finally publishes wouldn’t fall into the sh
t category. That’s actually how low the tresh(or trash)hold is on most of those games.

Most of the good marketplace assets are all baked to a single material, and usually share textures about 10 objects to 1 texture for clutter / similar.

I’m not saying you have to go out of the way and make Skyrim Trim Sheet only assets (refer to Joel Burgess: Skyrim's Modular Level Design - GDC 2013 Transcript)…

Clearly, for you and me, there being fewer games on Steam, and each of them being higher quality (whatever that means,) is better.

For Rawalanche, having shipped one game versus having shipped zero games is a bigger difference than almost anything else, for their personal position.

If they can ship a game, and do it with the highest quality assets, then that’s even better, of course! It will also give them a leg up over content creators who didn’t, if they then want a job in one of the AAA content mills or a similar situation.