Moving the 'Unreal Projects' folder?

Is this possible? As it’s default location is in the Documents folder which is located on my C: drive. Problem is that the C: drive is on my SSD which is fairly small, so I was wondering if it would be possible to move the Unreal Projects folder.

Thanks in advance.

I have had success with UE3, using a Junction Point to relocate data that the engine is looking for to another location. Basically, install this

Link Shell Extension

and then move your Unreal Project directory wherever you want it to go, then as it says on the page for that utility you can set the new location as the target, and drop a Junction Point back into your original location. As far as the engine is concerned the files are still where it wants them, but they’re actually being stored elsewhere. Its still a dirty hack, but it doesn’t affect other aspects of your environment.

Thanks for the quick answer. Hopefully this only has to be a temporary Solution.

Works for me as well. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick hack, hope they do make that feature available in the future!